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  • Posted to Apple Watch’s Impact on iOS, Sep 05, 2015

    I think Apple Watch is unique in interface and purpose. In my opinion, adding things to the lock screen makes it too busy and most likely not relevant since more time is spent in the OS (due to real estate, longer engagements, information density).

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  • Posted to New Site: Microsoft Design, Sep 05, 2015

    IMHO, attention to detail and seeing great, complete things through doesn't seem to be Microsoft's forte. Sluggish, undercooked animations. The circle of dots get cut off at the edge. Gigantic titles and really tiny copy. On mobile the carousel readjusts in size when you move to another slide.

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  • Posted to Now is the time for a Black graphic design, in reply to Marcus H , Dec 22, 2014

    Sometimes it depends with these organizations. It's up to the group to determine your "blackness".

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  • Posted to Now is the time for a Black graphic design, Dec 22, 2014

    I avoid any minority/politically based organizations, groups, etc. If anything a profession should be about your work, good collaboration with others, and impact on a industry scale. I don't see how putting a cultural label on my work with a victim story will help me or others. I vehemently believe the best way to being a great minority/cultural whatever is to do exceptional work that sets the bar higher for everyone, not just your group.

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