Christophe Tauziet

Christophe Tauziet

Product Designer at Facebook Joined over 10 years ago via an invitation from Kelly S. Christophe has invited James Yu, Marc Edwards

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Would you design at Facebook?, May 06, 2015

    I'm currently working at Facebook, in the Friend Sharing team and have been for 2 years now. In the past, I've worked a startup (Parse, acquired by FB in 2013) and at Apple.

    I read a lot of concerns about designing for Facebook, and what it involves, and to be completely honest, I was sharing the same concerns until the startup I was working for got acquired and I joined the place. Since then, after having seen how Facebook works from the inside, I've completely changed my mind. Every day I go to work excited about the opportunity to have a lot of impact on a product that people love to use, and use a lot.

    Even when I worked on something as silly as letting people add stickers on top of their photos (which originally irritated the photographer in me), I got to see how excited real people (the ones that don't work in tech) got, how suddenly some lady in Wisconsin wasn't concerned anymore about the photo of the dinner she just cooked for her kids being too boring for sharing on Facebook, because she was able to put a happy face and a "stupid little fat kitty that eats pizza" sticker on top of it to make it funny. And whenever we make it any easier to share a moment with your friends and family, we're helping people express themselves, and communicate with the people in their lives. And that matters to me more than anything I've worked on in the past.

    I often get the question: "what's challenging about working at Facebook?", to which I often answer that what I find the most challenging and interesting is not to design for an insane number of people, but to design for people from different culture, age, social environment. People in India use Facebook in a very different way than people in Kenya. Grand-fathers in Spain don't use Facebook the same way teenagers do in Brazil. And learning how people use your product, and then informing your next design with that information is quite challenging, and interesting.

    Yes, working at Facebook also has its shares of downsides, and yes, people's perception of Facebook in the tech industry isn't amazing yet, but overall, it's the best gig I've ever had and I'm quite happy with it.

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  • Posted to Metis NYC Product Design Bootcamp: Acquire Skills, Build a Career, Aug 30, 2014

    Very interesting!

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    Hey guys! I'm @christauziet on Twitter

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    Here's mine!

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    This made my day. Awesome.

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    So exciting. Love this Reservation line thing. Great for getting viral.

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    Much, much better guys! Great job! Exciting stuff.

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    Pretty nice portfolio dude!

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