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  • Posted to Sketch artboard actual size, May 21, 2018

    Perhaps you're not taking into account Mac's Top bar and all toolbars and it doesn't fit your screen size (usable area)?

    It's hard to admit but I've made this mistake when designing for 1280x720 screen size where the actual height was 620px due to all static Mac/Chrome UI elements.

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  • Posted to Huge invites wave to Invision Studio, in reply to Stephen Olmstead , Mar 25, 2018

    Awesome to hear a response from you !

    I haven't had a chance (yet) to design anything from scratch yet, I might give it a go this week. I bet Sketch imports (and I imagine it also saves to Sketch?) might be a tricky thing.

    I'll keep you posted and keep up the good work!


    On a side note, in general: having a very strong marketing team behind a launch of 1.0 of any software - raises expectations to very high levels. People seem to get narrow-minded - once they spot a bug - their expectations are not met. Your marketing materials and the whole "campaign" in my opinion was too powerful. It's the product that must defend itself, not the marketing materials.

    I am still hopeful though, I'll play with Studio soon :))

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  • Posted to Huge invites wave to Invision Studio, in reply to Ryan B , Mar 23, 2018

    Did the same. For me performance was quite problematic (although I've imported Sketch file, fairly light yet still a Sketch file). Zooming in and out was slow, also I don't like the scroll hijack that's there.

    I am going to give it another spin though!

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  • Posted to Why is this trend taking over?, in reply to Ryan Hicks , Feb 28, 2018

    Rather than... being negative, you could answer Thomas's question. He didn't intend to do any harm, but you did. I've looked at your other comments - most of them are negative. "buggy, horrible" - your words. Best one: "If only downvotes existed. Yes, solely for you." - I'd say perhaps for you yourself.

    He's asked this, just so you know:

    Does anyone know how this started?

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  • Posted to Apple without css?, in reply to Jan Semler , Jan 11, 2018

    To me it's nothing special (unless it was some partial CSS missing):

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  • Posted to new collaboration feature, Dec 07, 2017

    Keep up the good work!! Fingers crossed here !

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  • Posted to Leading screen design tool in 2018, in reply to Stef Kors , Dec 07, 2017

    Haha, I am literally waiting for our new spinner code to compile. I read it exactly the way you did.

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  • Posted to Marvel is better than InVision, Nov 02, 2017

    Marvel is way faster than InVision. Unfortunately, both me and our devs got tired of its slow UI despite of good Inspect feature (for devs).

    It seems to me that Marvel has slept through an important shift in the design tools market place and it's the last one to bring "Hand-off"/Inspect/Zeplin-like functionality into the process. They're starting with Sketch but some of our designs come in Photoshop where Avocode excels in my opinion.

    Marvel is awesome for design review, simple and quick prototyping.

    We're currently using Avocode (devs) and Marvel for design review.

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  • Posted to Sketch finally has colour management, Nov 01, 2017

    Exactly, thought the same about colour management :)

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  • Posted to Colorz Coming Soon Page ✨, in reply to Jon Lehman , Oct 01, 2017

    +1 ;)

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