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  • Posted to How do you guys 'Save for Later' the Articles you like?, Jul 05, 2017

    I used to pay a dollar a month for Instapaper for years but about 2 years ago I signed up to Evernote Premium and started using it instead: I just clip the artitle into a special read-later notebook.

    But the ugly truth is, 90% of the clipped articles stay unread forever...

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  • Posted to Fluent Design System by Microsoft, in reply to TomTom Tom , May 12, 2017

    Microsoft is indeed cooler than Apple this days*, but this presentation was very incoherent and lacking in concrete information. Lot's of marketing buzzwords.

    • Not hard, considering how Apple ecosystem now seems the materialization of their 1984 ad back in the day.

    Guys, its fine, we all use/used apple ecosystem products. it's not "thinking different" nowadays to do so. we are not the late 90s-early 00s.

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  • Posted to Nick Jones — Interface Prototyper / Designer, May 12, 2017

    while it worked well on my nexus 5 browser After a certain point the image was getting increasingly degraded to the point that it just became a blog.

    On desktop it seems to work fine (seems like it loads a new higher res image everytime I go deeper in the spiral)

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  • Posted to iotaCSS – A CSS Framework that lets you code any design, May 05, 2017

    hint: quickest way to reach iotaCSS page is to click on link then click on first project.

    or here:

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  • Posted to Concept -> Design -> Build -> Launch (in 3 days), in reply to Ian Clarke , Apr 19, 2017

    Security alert on Edge

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  • Posted to Gravit Designer released today, Apr 12, 2017

    three things:

    first, great job, been following the first version of gravit since the beginning and it has come a long way!

    second, what happens to the cloud ( solution? I read somewhere in the comments that you'll be migrating it over to this version, does it mean that cloud storage will still be supported?

    third, do you support "copy css styles"? Will you? This is the main reason I use figma.

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  • Posted to What does the Trump presidency mean for designers?, Nov 09, 2016

    there's definitely increased opportunities for graffiti in this long wall I heard he's planning

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  • Posted to Site Design: Y7K Zurich, Sep 02, 2016

    nice. is this react?

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  • Posted to Building My $1,200 Hackintosh, Jul 03, 2016

    Been running on hackintosh for over a year.. Vanilla Yosemite then El Capitan.. It's been perfect. Although I do lots of 3D rendering and find the same apps better performant on Windows on the same system.

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  • Posted to These are NOT the logos of Medium AirBNB, Flipboard, and Beats, Apr 28, 2016

    Any decent designer (in any field) has a huge library of stuff: colour, materials, textures, patterns, symbols, components, parts, books, etc, which is regularly used to embody the design process. In some ways, the design process is a meticulous sequence of curated selections.

    Life is a remix.

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