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  • Posted to What are some good product design books for new and experienced designers?, Jun 17, 2017

    • The design of everyday things. • Living with Complexity. • Emotional Design

    All by Don Norman

    Some what of a basic/classic list but good books to get you thinking about the process and what one may want to consider. A basic intro to psychology but applied to products that we use.

    The Best interface is no interface by Golden Krishna.

    Not trying to plug a fellow classmates book but it is a good read, again some food for thought.

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  • Posted to How Do Solo Designers Manage Their Workload?, Aug 26, 2015

    I have been a semi-solo for a better part of a year (I lead a team of designer/animators for production work but everything else is done by me). I have develop a to-do list system in order to schedule time between three avenues of design (I am the creative director for company brand, I art direct our video production projects and help with product development.) I plan my day the night before and try to give each design stream a bit of my time through out the day to keep my mind limber. I try to schedule meetings on Monday, Wednesday, Friday (although I sometimes have to schedule meetings with clients on Tuesday or Thursday but that depends on clients schedule). I work from home on Tuesday and Thursday so that I can start work early (5am) and have the entire day to rock design work that I have for the week (Usually based on feature request for the site , ux/ui problem fixes, etc.) Although I sometimes have to work the weekends depending on priority of the work. I do have to work a lot at the moment but at this point I am in the process of hiring a junior designer to handle marketing collateral, and other design assets that are needed.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: iMac vs MacBook Pro with Second Monitor?, Jan 20, 2015

    I have a 13in retina, macbook pro and two Dell 24in one horizontal and one vertical (mainly for reading and for coding). Both at home and at work.

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