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  • Posted to Craft Photos doesn't work with Photoshop , Jul 24, 2017

    Yeah, same for me. v1.7.19 just shows a loading spinner but never actually drops the pics in. It looks like they've dropped support for Unsplash in favour of Getty images. Boo. https://support.invisionapp.com/hc/en-us/articles/207773013-Using-Craft-by-InVision-LABS

    EDIT: It's been updated :) http://jmp.sh/VZWsv1y

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  • Posted to What's your go-to designing playlist?, Nov 28, 2016

    I've had a playlist going for a few years now. Check out Tracks for Designers if you're a Spotify user.

    Like others here I also like movie soundtracks (Hans Zimmer mainly), and have a playlist for those too: Scores

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  • Posted to Anyone else confused at Photoshop CC's direct select tool behaviour?, in reply to Joe Barber , Aug 14, 2013

    You should be able to double click again to disable that isolation mode.

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  • Posted to iPhone 5S Concept by Arthur Reis, Jun 17, 2013

    What is it with concepts and cramming the home button in to a super small space? Throws all the proportions off.

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  • Posted to What do you think of Adobe's Creative Cloud?, Jun 04, 2013

    Yeah, it's really good. Easy to stay up to date every year. I signed up for a year when there was an offer — so I pay around £25 / month for every app Adobe makes. Over the year, that works out to be pretty darn good value.

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  • Posted to Tictail – a simple way to set up an online store, May 23, 2013

    Oh! I met with these guys last weekend. They are the nicest team and their product is really great. Follow @postcarl and @kajdro (a couple of the founders).

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  • Posted to Deleted my portfolio, made $30k in my first six months…, May 23, 2013

    I usually keep quiet about articles that bother me, but this one has so many disagreeable points that I have to say something about them. I will probably ask a load of questions to see if this is actually a serious article.

    First off, I don't know any freelancers that brag about how much money they make. What is the point of this article? You were lucky enough to have a decent salary, but it wasn't enough for you and you hoped you would get fired? What? Can I ask why you even worked there?

    Then you reach the conclusion other great designers are similar to yourself and establish yourself high up in the position of the 'competition'. Usually mentioning "shit like this" would be a whimsical ploy to get a response out of a friendly designer, but I don't think that's what you were getting at when you mention Kerem's site. That's not cool (or professional) just so you know.

    Then your article goes on and on about the most important thing a freelancer has to focus on. GETTING MORE CLIENTS OMG. What about all the clients you are working with? What about focusing on producing quality work for them? Sure, making money is important — this is business, but its not the most important thing. Happy clients and a good work ethic is more important.

    Then you sent out a bunch of emails that probably pissed a lot of people off (seeing as 70% of your $30k came from just one client) and somehow to you that isn't a waste of time but networking on Twitter and posting work online using Dribbble is? I'm sorry, but that's just ridiculous.

    Maybe if you focussed on improving your skills and work to offer others, you could depend more on outside forces contacting you. Did you ever stop to think why they didn't contact you in the first place?

    I don't see how contacting people allows you to charge more? As if somehow sending more and more emails allows you to gain experience in your field to justify a price increase. Maybe if you were a recruiter that would make sense.

    I'm glad you found a workflow that works for you and it's great you're making more money now, but the tone of your article isn't in line with what I'd say the spirit of freelancing is all about: enjoying your work and providing a top quality service that benefits others.

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  • Posted to American Airlines rebrand, Jan 18, 2013

    Who's going be the first to upload a redesign of the entertainment interface to Dribbble? http://cl.ly/MHt7

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