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Phil Stringfellow

Web & UI Designer Joined about 10 years ago via an invitation from Zach I. Phil has invited Art Vandelay, Conlin "Wuz" Durbin

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  • Posted to Redsgned—A showcase of the very best redesigns from across the web, May 10, 2014

    Hey all. I'm Phil and I run Redsgned.

    I completely understand where all of you are coming from in terms of designers mostly leaving out ads, not doing a complete UX check, accessibility, content and so on. However, the main reason I started Redsgned is to just show what designers are putting their time into when they're not working on official projects or other work. The designs are done (mostly) for fun and so is Redsgned, hence why any feedback I include in the description for the posts isn't too critical.

    I didn't want the site falling into the usual cliche of designers berating one another over little things when the whole idea of the site was fun and a side-project of my own, something I hope you guys will appreciate.

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  • Posted to Freelance websites? - help or hinderance?, in reply to Ryan Murphy , Aug 20, 2013

    I do agree there sometimes has be a level of ability or similar to get into certain sites, just like you wouldn't rock up to a VIP bar in trainers and shorts. With this level of security though, a certain level of tact is needed. Instead, like bouncers on nightclubs throwing their weight around, instead of politely declining and offering words of wisdom to improving, instead you get a barrage of elitist attitude and a "you're not good enough, buh-bye."

    As mentioned in my post, this could potentially be ego-destroying for a young designer and not exactly something I would like the design community to be known for. Instead, it seems, that people are fine with the bullish attitude to elitism, and have accepted that's it's just there when it doesn't have to be.

    The original point that I chose to make, also, was not about closed communities. It was closed communities that allow already accepted designers to invite other designers, only to have their invites revoked and replied to with, "You're not good enough." Why allow for people to be invited, if the end decision rests with the admin anyway? The above site mentioned - Folyo - has the right idea, but could still explore the attitude of elitism a little better.

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  • Posted to Freelance websites? - help or hinderance?, in reply to Sacha Greif , Aug 20, 2013

    I'm sorry, but I whole-heartedly disagree with your attitude regarding elitism.

    Trying to compare the web/design world to top of the tree sections of sports, work and music is a lame attempt at covering up one of the biggest issues online. As groups and petitions are appearing everywhere to deny governments from passing legislation that bans content on the internet, you yourself are agreeing with closing sections of the internet because only the "elite" should be able to access it.

    The whole point of the internet is that it's an open, free source of information, inspiration and community, and yet we have closed off communities who seemingly laugh behind their closed doors at "inferior" people. Sure, by all means, close your doors to the majority and do whatever you do behind those doors, but when the sniggers and the elitism escapes through the crack of that door, it becomes an issue for the whole.

    By filtering members, admins and site owners come across as the upper class of society, looking down on those who they think are inferior to them. This class system was abolished long ago, so why does the same attitude apply now to other areas? Who's to say that the "inferior" don't look at you and consider you to be the inferior ones?

    I consider myself very lucky and privileged that I'm in a lot of private sites including Dunked, Dribbble and Juiiicy. However, despite my memberships in these, I don't feel as though I should lord it over other people and strut around screaming, "I'm elite!!" so why should others?

    It might be prudent to add that if you insist on personally vetting every applicant on your site, then don't allow invites where the community decides who they should bring in or allow a community vote, instead of instances like Juiiicy.

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  • Posted to What do you listen to while you work?, Jul 11, 2013

    Mostly, I listen to rock/metal to kickstart my mood for working, then progress to more calmer, ambient music when I'm concentrating. More often than not, though, I'll find myself sitting there with my headphones still on, having listened to nothing but silence because the album I was listening to finished 3 hours previously.

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  • Posted to New Website Live, in reply to Nelson Joyce , May 07, 2013

    Largely because, from previous versions, my emphasis on responsive design wasn't as clear as it should have been. As such, I've now focused on that element in the hope of catching the type of clients that were slipping through the net last version around :)

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  • Posted to A Thousand Thoughts Blog, in reply to diego fernandez , May 07, 2013

    Close, but subtle differences. Blame the theme creator :)

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  • Posted to New Website Live, in reply to Greg Rosen , May 07, 2013

    Thanks, will take a look :)

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