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  • Posted to AMA: Adobe XD Free Starter Plan, May 23, 2018

    Regardless of individual preferences on design tools, this is pretty awesome news for the greater design community!

    • Will this Starter Plan always be free?... or is it a limited time only?
    • When "export assets for production" are there any stipulations or limitations there? (i.e. if I'm remembering right, in the past "educational discounts" on other products couldn't be used for projects where the designer was charging a client)
    • On that same note... can design teams / agencies use this Starter Plan to build projects for clients? (of course, knowing the shared prototype features are gone)

    Thanks as always for doing these AMAs! :)

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  • Posted to Tapwater - Home for your Projects, Nov 22, 2017

    This idea seems really great, kudos!... and the supporting graphics alone are worth the visit.

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  • Posted to Beautiful Wireless Charging Pads?, Nov 08, 2017

    Similar to Andrew's comment, but Apple's other recommendation... I grabbed the mophie wireless charging base. It sits below my monitor and more or less blends in with the black monitor base so you hardly notice it. I also liked how it was less slick/slippery than others... and feels a bit heavier/weighted.

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  • Posted to RIVYT — Websites for YouTube, in reply to Jason Schuller , Nov 08, 2017

    Oh awesome!... now I have an idea / use case. :)

    [[max wanders off to browse domain names]]

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  • Posted to RIVYT — Websites for YouTube, in reply to Olivier Heitz , Nov 08, 2017

    This is great!... looks like you're manually curating other videos more so than uploading your own right? In that case, I wish a YouTube account wasn't a requirement for RIVYT (but I may be wrong here).

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  • Posted to RIVYT — Websites for YouTube, in reply to Jason Schuller , Nov 07, 2017

    You bet!... looks quite fantastic. I don't have a specific use case for it myself, but I always love a good "reason" to create one.

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  • Posted to 10 Things I Took Away From Invision Studio’s Demo, Oct 31, 2017

    Certainly not a review by any means, but after watching the promo video and reading through this article, here are a few (likely obvious) thoughts of my own...

    The world's most powerful screen design tool

    Interesting to hear it this way... "screen design tool"... lends itself to future proofing I suppose, but I also feel like InVision is taking a page out of Apple's playbook here with the verbiage (oh, and the video too).

    Learning Curve

    Of course it remains to be seen what the learning curve is actually like, but it's interesting how the OP points out... "The purpose isn’t to relearn a new platform, but introduce a familiar environment that acts as the go-to for everything"... definitely a fear these days if the product feels too unfamiliar.

    *Platform Collaboration is Available *

    Your boss can finally, more easily tell you to "Make the logo bigger"... on a serious note, seems like a great way to get more folks involved as need be.

    Open Developer Community

    Will be interesting to see if/when this really takes off... Sketch has picked up great steam here as of late, hopefully those apps/integrations can be more or less ported over to Studio.

    Studio to Webflow

    This might just be me connecting the dots from other recent design news, but it seems as though there might be a natural transition from a product like Studio to Webflow (especially with their updated Interactions)

    “Clark from Invision” is Real!


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  • Posted to What invoicing billing tools do you recommend for freelancing?, Oct 26, 2017

    It's more so an all-in-one (scheduling, budgeting, invoicing), but Cushion is pretty great.

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  • Posted to Dribbble Presents: Hang Time — A full-day inspiration fest for designers in Boston on Oct 4, Sep 12, 2017

    What is Hang time?

    Hang Time is a full-day inspiration fest for designers of all disciplines. Our first event will be held in Boston, MA on October 4th at the Aloft Seaport Boston and we hope you’ll join us.

    Why should I attend?

    You can expect inspiring presentations from folks like Jon Contino, Kelli Anderson, Debbie Millman, Dan Mall and many more!

    We'll also have two design discussions about growing your design career and unlocking creativity. Get ready to hear from talented designers like Datrianna Meeks, Linda Eliasen, Erik Weikert, and others.

    After a fun filled day, join us for the after party at Coopersmith. We'll have plenty of swag, hands-on activities, and a live recording of the Overtime podcast.

    Where can I buy tickets?

    Get tickets for Hang Time Boston now.

    Sponsored by

    A big thank you to our MVP and All-star sponsors:

    We literally couldn't do this without their ongoing support. Additionally, we'd like to thank Flow for helping us plan and prioritize all our todos.

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  • Posted to Sponsor: Get a Free .design Domain Name as a Member of the Designer News Community, in reply to James Ciclitira , May 15, 2017

    Hey James... sorry for the troubles! The coupons are specific to each DN account owner, and can only be used once. Forgive the obvious question here, but you haven't used it already correct?... or given it to a friend?

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