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  • Posted to Two Ways BuzzFeed’s Design Team Collaborates. (The Second One Will Blow Your Mind.) with Cap Watkins, Mar 26, 2015

    Bummed I missed this one :-/

    Cap Watkins, VP of Design at BuzzFeed, talks with us about how they're trying to bridge the design and communication gap between the many departments of BuzzFeed, from the editorial side to marketing, branding, social, and more.

    "We design less for design sake, and more to highlight the content and remove distraction." - Cap

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  • Posted to The Truth about Work/Life Balance with Allan Branch of LessAccounting, Jan 08, 2015

    Allan Branch, Founder of LessAccounting, talks with us about the myth of work/life balance and what he’s done to create the best combination of the business he wants to run and the family life he strives to protect. It was so refreshing to hear his candid and blunt perspectives on things that aren’t often talked about.

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  • Posted to Making Your Side Project Work for You, in reply to Mason Lawlor , Dec 23, 2014

    Hey sorry for delay - it's a static site built with Middleman, and deployed with Codeship (so we can sync up episode listens, and enable search with Algolia) to Digital Ocean/Cloudflare :-)

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  • Posted to Making Your Side Project Work for You, Dec 12, 2014

    Preview: "I’m about to give you everything you need to setup a process to ship every project you work on. Because let’s face it, that project isn’t worth your team’s time if it isn’t going to ship. But first, I have a story I think you’ll relate to..."

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  • Posted to Disrupting the Publishing Industry, Dec 04, 2014

    Boom. "Ultimately word of mouth is the only thing that really matters."

    It's great to hear how they are lighting a fire within the publishing world, and open to trying such radical new approaches :-)

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  • Posted to Treehouse's Approach to Changing the World Starts from Within, Nov 06, 2014

    I listened again last night and absolutely loved this part: "The traditional structure of a company is designed to empower a few people, and disempower most people."

    It's so interesting to hear about how they removed layers of management from a company that didn't start out totally flat.

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  • Posted to Digging Your Way Out of the Trough of Sorrow with Adda Birnir of SkillCrush, Nov 04, 2014

    "Our riskiest assumption was that women in mass would be interested in coding." - Adda

    Such a great talk with Adda :-) I loved her energy and passion for what they're trying to accomplish at SkillCrush!

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  • Posted to Ask Cat Noone (Liberio) Anything [Live Now: 9am PST], Oct 24, 2014

    From Cat: "Hey everyone! I’m Cat Noone, Co-Founder and Designer of Liberio ( — a platform for eBook creation and publishing.

    Looking forward to answering all your questions about design, startups, publishing, funding outside of the valley and life here in the Berlin tech scene!"

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  • Posted to How to Methodically Build a Growth Machine with Brian Balfour of HubSpot, Oct 14, 2014

    Love HubSpot's approach with this. It's so methodical, and sets up the perfect amount of process to: 1) ensure progress is made and learning occurs 2) not drain the team with a non-creative outlet

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  • Posted to Three Principles of Success From a Killer Self-Funded Company, Oct 07, 2014

    If you can't tell from the interview - I have a serious company-crush on Planning Center.

    There are few companies out there that hold such strong beliefs and really stick to them. The impact of this shows in the quality of their team, culture, and office environment.

    Lots of good nuggets in this chat with Jeff.

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