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  • Posted to New Portfolio site completed, feedback welcomed., Jun 22, 2018

    Beautiful work. Could make it clearer that you can scroll on the homepage to see the work. My first instinct was to click 'information' when I was really just trying to see your work. A subtle indication would do the trick. An apple mouse icon seems to be trendy these days, eh?

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  • Posted to WCAG AA Compliance and Card Patterns, in reply to Andrew C , Jun 10, 2018

    Thanks! The body text is #767676 and passes all but AAA normal sized text.

    Agreed on the card block itself focusing — was oversimplifying to state that the link would have the focus/hover on non-touchscreen devices. None of the cards have multiple actions.

    We removed the real copy, as this is client work. The context will improve clarity that these are links.

    The designs will ultimately be user tested and optimized. We're currently interested in the AA success criterion to meet the legal team's requirements.

    Do the titles need to appear in a different color because they do not have a visual identifier such as an underline? Or does that requirement strictly apply to body copy links.

    Looking at "Link Style"section

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  • Posted to WCAG AA Compliance and Card Patterns, in reply to Duke Cavinski , Jun 08, 2018

    thanks! that's what we were thinking — but wanted to confirm without leading. good advice + considerations.

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  • Posted to WCAG AA Compliance and Card Patterns, in reply to Alex Carpenter , Jun 08, 2018

    thanks! some helpful tips in there from a design perspective. great resource, too!

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  • Posted to It's 2018 and Material Design still uses a floppy disk as a Save icon, Jun 01, 2018

    An icon is only as good the meaning that is assigned to it and learned. In this case, the association of a disk may seem irrelevant, but the meaning — even to those that have not ever used a disk, is likely understood from learned behavior.

    So is it a problem? I've never done usability testing on anything with a save function.

    Seems like this thread is also conflating the UX feature of autosave vs save, and the icon used to communicate that function (title of the thread.)

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  • Posted to “A design that merges iOS and Android”, May 19, 2018

    Been on my mind a lot lately. Distinguishing between the core of a design system vs the unique patterns and components.

    Similar to the latest, Huddle by Uniform offers source code for multliple platforms across web/react native/iOS/android:

    I haven't had the luxury of designing a system across all platforms (web/android/iOS) at the same time until recently, so still figuring much of this out as I go. When it comes to sticking with native platform patterns vs. pure consistency of a system, I tend to prioritize based on risk.

    As an oversimplified example, navigation consistency with a platform is more critical than a table view that behaves the exact same.

    In general—Material Guidelines feel more specific vs Apple HIG to me. Designers are changing the way we work (systems,) and meeting user expectations is critical, but defining when you can bend those expectations to create beautiful, custom brand experiences will become more key, depending on the type of the project / audience / goals / etc.

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  • Posted to Sketch 50 Type style nesting defect, or intentional change?, May 14, 2018

    Just got news from the good people at Sketch; this is supposedly fixed in the current beta and "we expect to add it within our next Sketch release."

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  • Posted to How do you organize your folders and files for design projects?, Oct 19, 2017

    Internal team. We've been using the following for several years with success:

    • • Presentations
    • 00 Project
    • 01 UX Research
    • 02 UX Design
    • 03 UI Design
    • 04 Delivery

    Inside structure for 00-03 is undefined and up to the team of ~15. The UX Design team decided to standardize their explorations, WIP, and deliveries into subfolders within 03.

    05 Delivery contains 2 folders at all times: A dated folder with the latest exhaustive delivery, and •Archive which contains previous deliveries for the project.

    We used to have a 05 Results folder but found it difficult to manage and stay in sync w/ our data analytics team that has since improved their reporting consistency / usability of finding what you need.

    We use 2 share drives. One that is internal to only our design + creative teams, and another that can be accessed by all of our cross-functional partners. Typically, only the review documents + deliveries go on that drive.

    We keep Invision prototypes up to date as we work through the projects, and use those + static documentation during reviews.

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  • Posted to InVision's Carft plugin Sync feature is not working after Sketch 47 update , in reply to Miraj Patel , Oct 13, 2017

    Because Craft does much more than syncing libraries! But this space will be rapidly evolving, I'm sure.

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  • Posted to What newsletters are you subscribed to?, Sep 06, 2017

    • Julie Zhou • Invision

    And that's it! I use the Panda chrome extension daily

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