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  • Posted to Ask DN: How do you folks make such awesome DN avatars?, in reply to Sri Kadimisetty , Apr 09, 2016

    Same, except Mario

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  • Posted to Gmail April Fools gone (horribly) wrong, Apr 01, 2016

    "Gone wrong" don't you mean "gone right"? :)

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  • Posted to Site Design: Pitchfork, Mar 14, 2016

    I don't miss the previous homepage's tab system to reveal content (which was very annoying when you hit the back button from an article). But I loved how you could see backward to previous days you might have missed. They packed a TON of content above the fold that was very easy to scan and see what you might be interested in reading.Tucking the new reviews "below the fold" feels wrong. I think I may be bookmarking the "All Reviews" page and bypassing the home from the get-go. But that's just me. The reviews are what I've always been the most interested in (it's a part of my daily routine!).

    EDIT: I miss the convenient links to Amazon Digital Music (replaced by Amoeba). And I am wondering if the Track Previews is currently disconnected? Usually a few albums had 1 or two tracks to listen to in their entirety. I see the headphones icon up top. Hm...

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  • Posted to Ask: Can we please not put site feature requests in the Motto of the Day? , Mar 09, 2016

    Hm, I wonder if I should have used this question in the Motto of the Day box instead. Totally kidding. ;)

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  • Posted to Ask DN: How can we curb all the duplicate posts?, Feb 25, 2016

    Interestingly, duplicate posts with the URL checker completely side-step the Ask DN feature. Even though the title is exactly the same, the URL's post # is different, which allows it to pass through. A bit of a side topic I suppose, but interesting nevertheless.

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  • Posted to The Elephant in the Room: Web design work is drying up , Feb 24, 2016

    Had to post the cached version of the article as the site is getting hammered and won't load. Sorry about that, but worth a gander.

    Original link, for whenever the site is working again.

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  • Posted to SoundCloud could be forced to close after $44m losses , in reply to Michael Aleo , Feb 11, 2016

    And many burning this level of capital fail without significant sources of 1) revenue and/or 2) additional investment. They are looking for “further capital investment” to continue operating in 2015. So yeah, kinda newsy.

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  • Posted to SoundCloud could be forced to close after $44m losses , Feb 11, 2016

    I post this as I believe there are probably quite a few designers on DN who use soundcloud for musical inspiration & meditation beyond the obvious discoveries of less popular artists (particularly in the electronic genre). This would be quite a blow if they shut down.

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  • Posted to Facebook Sports Stadium, in reply to Chong Guo , Jan 21, 2016

    It's not always about you, but what the majority of people do. When social shares hit their peaks (most Tweets, most shares) 50% of the time it is sports related.

    They are following the data.

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  • Posted to Bud Light Gets a Bold New Look, Dec 17, 2015

    Reminds me of when 'ice filtered' was a thing.

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