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  • Posted to Designers shouldn’t code. They should study business., Feb 14, 2016

    This is easily one of the most important topics in Design right now that often is swept under the rug bc designers' eyes tend to glaze over anything remotely related to the word "business."

    Understandable, as a lot of us do have backgrounds in fine art, visual design, marketing, etc and sometimes the ENTIRE REASON we got into this game was to simply do stuff we loved and not stuff we don't. We hear we need to code, need to go to more conferences, be more active on social media, need to blog more, more succulent plants on the desk, etc and this EASILY could tire anyone out. I understand completely, trust me. BUT (of course there's a "but") this notion of expanding our perspectives about what design is to include business goals/performance/strategy/etc is a critical one that WILL make you better at your craft in the same way that designing for systems instead of pages made you better at your craft, in the same way of mapping your designs to actual user research made you better at your craft, in the same way that taking the leap from print to digital made you better at your craft and so on and so on.

    So do it. Take the dive. And relax, the waters fine. ;)

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Favorite bash_profile aliases?, Jan 24, 2016

    Wow...had no clue I would get such a great amount of responses! Thank yall so much...good to see this community is still very much alive (and full of funny, good people)

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  • Posted to Site Design: Frank Chimero, Dec 31, 2015

    I always really enjoy seeing Frank's site redesigns and how his visual viewpoints have developed over time. Considering his time (and the ample amount of thought) spent in the game, he's a great vantage point through which to look at the rest of the web. thumbs up man! :)

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  • Posted to Ask DN: video blogs for design/dev, in reply to Kamil Khadeyev , Jun 15, 2015

    Hey thanks Kamil!!! I appreciate the link :)

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  • Posted to Dropbox Notes Beta, Apr 23, 2015

    Jeez you guys are straight up nerds. How bout using it before trashing a landing page?

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  • Posted to What's something important that you never learned in school?, Mar 27, 2015

    I'd say one of the most valuable things I learned outside of school was how to talk to people.

    I went to art school, and while I learned plenty about space and form, not too much about how to speak to others, eye contact, actively listening without waiting for your turn to speak, maintaining relationships, and how to monitor how you come across to others.

    My crash course started in the midst of the recession, where I learned about interviews, handshakes, follow-ups, taking rejection with grace, speaking up for what you want without being a dick, and the list goes on. I took odd jobs in retail, sales, and I'd have to say I learned a ton from being a cashier at a bakery. didn't pay much, but there was plenty of free espresso and conversation. also, humility :)

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Who’s Hiring (March, 2015)?, in reply to Kevin Suttle , Mar 20, 2015

    no worries man!! its mathesond2@gmail.com..look forward to chatting :)

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Tech Scene in Vancouver?, in reply to Liam Sarsfield , Mar 18, 2015

    Thanks Liam!! This is great

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  • Posted to Ask DN: have you switched from development to design? How?, in reply to Marcus H , Mar 16, 2015

    Hey Marcus!

    Sorry for the late response and thank you so much for it..super helpful!! :)

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Who’s Hiring (March, 2015)?, in reply to Kevin Suttle , Mar 03, 2015

    Nice! are you located in the triangle area (nc)?? I'd love to chat sometime :)

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