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Eric Stevens

Staff Interaction Designer at GE Joined over 10 years ago Eric has invited Michael Demetrios, vijay gakhar, David Stinnette, Collin Green, Masaki Akiyama

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  • Posted to Dropbox Paper for IOS, Aug 04, 2016

    Its as open to your own structure as much as Trello, but much more clear than the card / list focus most of these apps have going on. My new jam!

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  • Posted to Site Design: Oak Studios, Jul 06, 2016

    Totally loving their studio's focus - makes sense guys!

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  • Posted to The diploma is not what I am here for..., in reply to Denis Rojcyk , Jun 29, 2016

    We all do it from time to time :P

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  • Posted to The diploma is not what I am here for..., Jun 28, 2016

    The unsolicited advice in form of spoken monologue as an overflow from Always. Be. Hustling. — read as a manifesto, from Eric Stevens at Shift 2016 to young, brilliantly talented, designers.

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  • Posted to VSCO 5.0 launches , Jun 09, 2016

    Being "clever" with an interface, just doesn't work. Plus vs Check? Circle vs X? Why are all the main actions at the top of my 6" screen?

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  • Posted to GE Predix Design System, May 25, 2016

    Our first design system at GE, created in 2012, was similar to many design systems you find on the Internet today. It was designed to appeal to and support a broad audience within GE and contained a large selection of common design patterns grouped by function. This was purposely done to drive adoption of design standards by a team of 10 designers trying to get some 40,000 software developers globally to make consistent looking software.

    We wanted our next generation of design systems at GE to emphasize learning and sharing. A design system should not simply be a collection of user interface components along with some design theory. It should demonstrate how design patterns have been applied in real products and document how other teams have extended patterns for specific use cases. Our goal with this design system is to enable product teams to focus their efforts on the solving for new customer needs, and enable them to share those solutions with the rest of the company.

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  • Posted to A New Look for Instagram, in reply to ChrisArchitec t , May 11, 2016

    Its gotta be the sunset from the Facebook campus..

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  • Posted to You Could Almost Do Anything Pt. I by Eli Schiff, Apr 12, 2016

    Why is Eli's logo an elongated 6 with a slash in it?

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  • Posted to Reconsider by DHH, Nov 05, 2015

    The. Best. --> The. ABSOLUTE. Best.

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