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  • Posted to We’re trying to build a new PowerPoint for Gen Z. What do you think so far?, May 01, 2020

    This actually makes a ton of sense and I can see this being used as a fun replacement for Typeform. Subscribed :)

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  • Posted to Introducing Sideway, Jun 10, 2019

    This looks great. However, I just tried signing up on the website, I entered in my email and pressed submit, and the form simply disappeared. No "thank you!" message or anything. I'm not actually sure if it went through or had an error!

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  • Posted to New Portfolio Site - Zachary Hamed, in reply to Zach Hamed , Sep 12, 2018

    On Chrome 69.

    2) I can click the "The Art and Science of a Mac Menubar App" but not "Bye, Google Maps." It's being overlapped by .books.books-1. I'm on a 15" laptop, so 1440px width.

    3) You have

    a { color: var(--main-color); }


    .writing li:hover { background-color: rgba(40, 92, 255, 0.05); }

    The hover state should use the variable colour too.

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  • Posted to New Portfolio Site - Zachary Hamed, Sep 12, 2018

    Love it. There are a couple of things you might want to fix though:

    1. The weight counter isn't working for me (says "0 POUNDS, AS OF 17786.54 DAYS AGO"). Everything else works
    2. The first few blog links aren't clickable because they're being overlapped by the books above them.
    3. The blog link hover-colours don't change colour when you change theming up top. This was a super nice touch and works everywhere else.
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  • Posted to Introducing Android 9 Pie, Aug 07, 2018

    Ironic for a release that's all about being "tailored to you", I found almost everything on this page slightly off. All the animations were too fast for me to understand what was happening, the transitions between sections (eg. between battery + brightness) were too fast for me to actually read, and the scroll-jacking kept implying that I was scrolling "wrong".

    PS. Is this the correct use of ironic? I can never tell.

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  • Posted to Does anyone here work remotely and travel?, Jul 04, 2017

    I travelled for a year and a half doing product design freelance while travelling around Europa, Asia, America. Spent about a month in each country. I initially wanted a full-time remote job but figured that it wouldn't leave me with enough time to actually experience the country I was visiting, so I went freelance.

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  • Posted to Renewed Audi brand, May 17, 2017

    Well this is terrible.


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  • Posted to Looking for some feedback on our upgrade/pricing page, Aug 07, 2016

    I really don't like the fact that the page refreshes when I switch between monthly and annual billing. Makes it very hard to compare,

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  • Posted to Open Foundry - a new platform for open-source fonts, Mar 11, 2016

    Nice idea, but holy shit what an unusable site. Trying to actually download the font is almost impossible. If you scroll too fast down (or sometimes just at random??) it takes you back to the homepage with no way of getting back to the font page. There's also no way to view the font in multiple styles.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: How much gray is too much?, Feb 09, 2016

    In the last few projects I've done, I've started ranking my greys by brightness, all the way from near-black to near-white. So I'll have a grey at 10% brightness, another at 20%, another at 30%, and so on. Near the high-end of the spectrum I'll have more stops, so I'll have 85%, 90%, 95%, 98%, and then finally white.

    These greys aren't completely grey, but slightly coloured. They're then used for text colours, background colours, and absolutely everything except actual coloured elements.

    I don't necessarily end up using all of these (I find myself rarely using 10%, 20%, 40% or 50%. Either 30% or 60%, and then the upper shades I use frequently). But they're there if I need them, and especially in code it's really easy to make changes. If I need an element to be slightly darker I change it from $mono-8 to $mono-7.

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