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  • Posted to Site Design: Siri, in reply to Leon Kennedy , Sep 16, 2018

    Peculiar, how does it kick in by itself for you guys? Happens very rarely to me.

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  • Posted to Site Design: Siri, in reply to Scott Thomas , Sep 16, 2018

    I use it very often, mostly through the Watch to query for weather, quickly texting someone, starting & changing workout types, setting timers, triggering calls, controlling lights, doing currency conversions...

    Mostly for queries that'd take multiple steps, lot of typing, etc. But I concur, I'm also one of the few people who actively use it. Many of my friends feel awkward doing it.

    Is it having trouble recognizing your queries? Or why do you hate it?

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  • Posted to Suffering from RSI, looking for advice., Jul 29, 2018

    I suppose, at this point I'll be mostly bringing wood to the forest but it may be good to repeat for validation...

    • I find absolute necessity in proper workout (calisthenics or lifting), getting those strained parts moving and under load.

    • Stretching definitely also helps, but not going neurotic and stretching all the time... That tends to make things worse for me.

    • Wearing wrist braces at night is very helpful on long workdays!

    • Typing as if your keyboard was a piano (search for good piano seating and hands posture). Much of it applies for working on the computer.

    • Finally, for days where there's just no space for recovery (say multi-day client workshops, deadline crunches, etc.), the good ol' 90s gadget Powerball comes to rescue. Somehow it works the wrists well enough to relieve my pain almost instantly.

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  • Posted to New Webflow feature: Upload files in forms, in reply to GOOD LUCK , Jul 08, 2018

    You bring up valid points about the pricing.

    Just wondering, where is Typeform $9? The free comes with serious limitations, and first paid plan is 25/mo.

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  • Posted to Design Principles, in reply to Andrew C , Dec 17, 2017

    Shameless share — I wrote a thesis on the topic Design Principles. It partly tries to look at them in connection to outputs and outcomes. Could be an interesting read:

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  • Posted to Ask DN: What service do you use to visually bookmark design ideas?, in reply to Gareth Lewis , Jan 30, 2017

    The app is great however they didn't update it for MacOS and recently dropped support 'indefinitely' with a plan to update it 'sometime'. I lost all my bookmarks in this move.

    Small firm, side-project, can't recommend.

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