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  • Posted to DN Suggestion: Please allow starring inside thread, Feb 29, 2016

    Agree. I often land on an old DN thread through a Google search when I'm trying to find out something specific. The only way to save the thread for later reference is to somehow figure out where exactly that thread appeared in the stream of posts?? (which could've been months/years ago?) Think about if you had to do that for Stack Overflow, Reddit or Metafilter. Plus that's usually not even feasible since DN doesn't state the exact date when something was posted, instead using the format "____ ago".

    I really appreciate that DN has introduced the Star feature to begin with though! It's been long-awaited. But it needs some improvements for users to take full advantage of the functionality. Otherwise, it just seems half-baked.

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  • Posted to Khoi Vinh Joins Adobe, in reply to Calum Smith , Aug 26, 2015

    Fingers crossed. This news puts his blogposts on the state of design tools in a whole new light - he can bring to bear all the insights he gained from that survey.

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  • Posted to LayerVault Announces Sale of Designer News, in reply to Nice Shoes , May 22, 2015

    This! Like Metafilter. (They also use favoriting as a proxy for their lists of trending/top posts.) It just feels fundamentally lacking for such a rich resource like DN to not let you "keep" the posts you find personally helpful.

    I currently copy/paste links to favorite posts into my Simplenote... pretty silly.

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  • Posted to Sketch v3.3 now available, in reply to Søren Clausen , Apr 08, 2015

    Without alt, it nudges it 1 pixel, like normal. But I'm now so used to holding down Alt/Option while nudging in order to see the changing distance between objects, that I really long for the old behavior (i.e. Alt merely reveals the distance, without changing the increment to 0.1)

    Note: Shift+Alt+arrow key moves it by 10 pixels as before. So literally no way to move it 1 px at a time with Alt pressed. Wondering if the 0.1 thing is a bug.

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  • Posted to Site Design: Design Matters , in reply to Benjamin Kowalski , Mar 31, 2015

    Was wondering the same thing. I clicked through expecting it to be someone's personal take on redesigning the site for the Design Matters podcast (which has a very similar logo...)

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  • Posted to Tentative - A podcast about digital product design from thoughtbot, in reply to Oz Lozano , Mar 25, 2015

    I'll check those out - thank you, Oscar!

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  • Posted to Tentative - A podcast about digital product design from thoughtbot, in reply to Oz Lozano , Mar 24, 2015

    Oscar- just curious, which product design podcasts would you recommend if you could only recommend two of them?

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  • Posted to Site Design: Melanie Daveid, in reply to Gilbert Bagaoisan , Mar 02, 2015

    Would love to know this too!

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