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  • Posted to Best 4k 27" monitor for a Macbook Pro?, Feb 28, 2020

    LG 27UL650 (or a bit pricier one with USB-C). Been using twice as expensive Dell, and didn't spot that much difference when it was broken, and I had to replace it. Price is around 400-450 EUR.

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  • Posted to Figma Auto Layout, Dec 06, 2019

    Cool thing! But why did they didn't make separate paddings, like left padding, top padding, right padding, bottom padding? Mystery ;) and such an obviously useful thing.

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  • Posted to Turn Sketch files into front-end code automatically, in reply to John da Maia , Nov 29, 2019

    Probably the easiest way to disprove criticism like this is make generated code available instantly, and give user an ability to wait those 3 days if they find the resulting code "great" ;) It might also increase the number of users, as some people, likely, don't need production-quality code to, say, verify a prototype they've made; it might also be a great sale point if you make say first 3 times paid and reviewed, and then unlimited amount of code generations without review.

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  • Posted to What to purchase on Black Friday? , in reply to Lisa Smith , Nov 29, 2019

    it's not any % off. some resources yes, but not all-access-pass. it's the same price as it was before.

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  • Posted to A complete guide to iconography, Jun 21, 2019

    Thanks Toni, that's very detailed and well-written!

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  • Posted to Calibra | Digital Wallet for Libra Cryptocurrency, Jun 19, 2019

    "Protected, private" currency from Facebook sounds like "healthy" food from McDonalds ;) Just some random wording, and yet another idea to have more control over when and how you spend money, and then target you with tons of ads ;)

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  • Posted to Black Friday deals for designer tools., Nov 22, 2018

    IconFinder — 70% off any subscription

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  • Posted to Is there any good alternative to webflow?, in reply to Dragan Babic , Nov 10, 2018

    I thought the main point for any builder, like WebFlow, is getting rid of making something with "raw HTML" ;) sure I can do anything with raw HTML, but seems like WebFlow allows to make pretty any kind of layout without ever touching CSS or HTML, just by manipulating stuff visually and by setting properties. Same for animation. So looks like Oxygen is not yet comparable to WebFlow. I don't advocate WebFlow, pricing for Oxygen seems really interesting, but looks like for cases where you need a small landing page/few pages project that's pretty complex visually, it's better to use WebFlow, not WordPress/Oxygen.

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  • Posted to Is there any good alternative to webflow?, in reply to Dragan Babic , Nov 10, 2018

    How it’s better from other page builders for Wordpress? Is it possible to take a pretty complex layout from Photoshop/Sketch, and fully make it work with Oxygen, pixel-perfectly? Does it have any animation possibilities?

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