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Rıza Selçuk Saydam

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  • Posted to Why Apple’s 3D Touch failed miserably? A UX teardown of an unsuccessful technology., Sep 17, 2018

    I think having many similar options available to users (long press, right click, force touch) is the problem, and they can still make the force touch work if they want to.

    Force touch could be the mobile version of right click on desktop. They just need to be ok other platforms using this (Android) and disable right click on desktop, replace with force touch which will grow the usage on mobile too (adaptation). ☺️

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  • Posted to Simple work and time tracking for freelancers., May 02, 2018

    Awesome idea and amazing execution! Congrats folks

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  • Posted to If your portfolio/resume is a PDF should there be a maximum file size?, Mar 19, 2018

    Portfolio and resume are two different things.

    Make sure your resume is under 2MB (common file size limit).

    I recommend building a website for your portfolio and sharing the link in your resume, unless the company is specifically asking your PDF portfolio.

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  • Posted to Material Design System for Figma released, in reply to R. Kamushken , Jan 11, 2018

    Let's take a look at your outlined inputs. Image ^ This is what you have.

    Since instead of just using bottom border, you are surrounding entire input with border. By doing that:

    1. You need to increase margin between placeholder and border. What you have looks much tighter comparing to actual material design.

    2. On material design inputs, when you start typing, placeholder animates to top left with smaller font size so you can see which input you're filling in. By adding border to entire input, now this animation won't work because it needs to animate over a border.

    You might have some components correct, but there are many with problems.

    Another important one is usage of the shadow is fundamentally different from what material is using it for (depth).

    Please don't take my feedback personal, I want to make sure you understand what material design is and I want you to be aware of what you're causing by changing some of the details.

    Overall what you have resembles material design but actually it conflicts in many ways. I recommend stating this clearly so people who are new to design wouldn't think that way and of course it's ok to call this work something you want. Kamushken's Material Design System

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  • Posted to Material Design System for Figma released, in reply to R. Kamushken , Jan 11, 2018

    Well, material-ui-next.com is a fork from Google's material design.

    Simplest example: Compare how inputs looks like on both.


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  • Posted to Material Design System for Figma released, Jan 09, 2018

    When you say 'Material Design System' it feels like it's associated with Material Design but actually it's not.

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  • Posted to (Your) time is (in)valuable, Aug 09, 2016

    Exciting topic

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  • Posted to DeckHub – A TweetDeck style desktop client for GitHub, Apr 18, 2016

    This is very useful!

    I was missing lot's of good repositories, I guess not anymore.

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  • Posted to Bricklayer.js – Lightweight Cascading Grid Layouts, Apr 15, 2016


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