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  • Posted to AMA: Brad Frost, Web Designer, in reply to Brad Frost , Mar 04, 2016

    Haha! I hear ya... I think that's why I'm so interested in thoughts from others. I agree with Chris on fixed gutters, but I got lost in the rest of his article (perhaps because it addresses things I'm not concerned with at the moment).

    Not long after I posted my question for you, I found this article by Xavier Bertels about Baseline Grids ... in addition to this article on Vertical Rhythm by Zell Liew... I found both quite helpful.

    It's Friday, Cheers!

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  • Posted to AMA: Brad Frost, Web Designer, Mar 03, 2016

    Hi Brad - first of all, thanks a million for giving back so much to the community. If you don't already have it, super hero status awaits!

    Okay, here's my question: what are your thoughts on baseline grids for use in a layout grid, and how do you go about creating them? Gridlover seems to do it all for you, but I want to understand it more deeply. Seems like you could manipulate several values to do it, but which do you find the best?

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  • Posted to A better shift key for iPhone, Nov 21, 2014

    Love it!! I can't tell you how often I find myself painfully navigating sentences to make corrections ... this looks quite promising!

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