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  • Posted to Lean Canvas & Business Model Canvas Online for FREE, Sep 26, 2023

    Now there are many interesting and convenient solutions for running a business more efficiently and productively, and it’s cool that this is becoming more and more accessible to people. For example, I recommend learning more about sales coaching software by Wonderway, which will really boost your sales without requiring you to hire new employees.

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  • Posted to Motion Design spec work of a Cannabis Beverage Brand, Sep 19, 2023

    Cannabis is said to be a great stress reliever. But this is a dubious method that is not suitable for all people. A much safer solution would be nutritional supplements, for example, Fully Kratom capsules If I feel severe nervous tension, stress, and want to get rid of this condition, these capsules help me very quickly and efficiently.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Would you turn down a client on moral grounds?, Aug 25, 2023

    For a long time I felt lost, as if I didn't exist at all. And it’s scary that I didn’t even want to change something in my life. I don’t remember why I made such a decision, but I found the Nebula psychic center on Google reviews, and on the site I learned more about real psychic readings. Without any hopes, I talked with a psychic and, frankly, I was very impressed with the result which I got. It can really change my life.

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  • Posted to 9 Uses of Artificial Intelligence, Aug 23, 2023

    I believe that AI should be used primarily in business to speed up and automate various work processes. Various robots are currently in use in warehouses, including the moving robots You can learn more about this solution provided by Deus Robotics by clicking on the link.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: What is the best travel planning app?, Aug 21, 2023

    I can say that I usually plan everything on paper, it's the best option for me after checking various apps. About a month ago, I had a trip to Austin, and I didn't have any problems with planning that trip. Of course, I check the internet to find food tours Austin and something like that, but I don't like using apps, they're not that convenient for me.

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  • Posted to What is Nearshore Software Development: Complete Guide, Aug 17, 2023

    Do you mean ready-made software? I think that you should turn to specialists and develop custom software specifically for your company and to solve your problems. It will always work better than ready-made software. Check out this article here, you can even find the benefits of custom software here, so think about it.

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  • Posted to Coinfolix - a cryptocurrency tracker for iPhone, built using React Native, Aug 09, 2023

    Buying cryptocurrency is literally a universal way to invest your money profitably. Given that there are now crypto exchanges like Iteh, you will have no problem with how to buy xrp australia. I just recently decided on my first cryptocurrency purchase, and it's cool that I did not make a mistake with the choice of a crypto exchange.

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  • Posted to Guilded – making it easy to build and organize gaming teams, Aug 03, 2023

    In order to gamble or bet on sports, you should first of all start by finding a proven and convenient platform. I can recommend the Conquestador, which I learned about through a review on the internet. This platform provides, for example, good welcome bonuses, as well as safe and secure conditions for gambling and sports betting.

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  • Posted to The Killer App for Wearables Won’t Be Fitness or Health — Think Wallet, Jul 31, 2023

    I put more emphasis on health, the state of the gastrointestinal tract and intestines, and this brings more results than sports. By the way, such nutritional supplements as Bio Complete 3 help to quickly improve the functioning of the digestive tract, and also improve the microflora, which affects not only the digestion process, but also immunity.

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  • Posted to 10 Games to Improve Your UI Skills, Jul 28, 2023

    It must be cool when what you do in your free time is useful, helps you learn something new, improve your skills, and so on. At the moment I gamble in my spare time. I can’t say that this is something useful, but still I’m at least trying to make money. I advise you to visit site to choose a reliable online casino. Your result will largely depend on this choice.

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