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  • Posted to BluePixel - the best iOS designer news client, Jan 18, 2015

    I really don't want to give this guy attention but I feel the need to clarify and emphasize a few points.

    1) Nearly all of his "work" is a blatant copy of someone else's work. We've all seen it firsthand in this thread and with Adune.

    2) He's deceitful, more so than any person has any reason or right to be. He has tried to get multiple people (including me) to work with him. I sensed something fishy so I backed out and just stopped replying. Thankfully I didn't get dragged any further into this.

    3) Gianluca seems to be using his age as a defense or an excuse. That is wrong. I'm 18 as well. Do I use my age as an excuse for anything? No, I absolutely do not. Do I include it in my bio to, ostensibly, try to impress people (i.e. "18 y/o Inventor.")? No, I absolutely do not. Age has no bearing on this situation. Perhaps in the sense that he is immature and has not learned how to be ethical and/or honest, but that is certainly no excuse.

    4) This:, this, and the numerous exchanges between Gianluca and Marcel on Twitter. Let those conversations speak for themselves.

    5) I value privacy so I won't post a screenshot, but he just iMessaged me and tried to talk me out of speaking out against his blatant stealing and fraud. I don't even know what to say right now.

    I'll let you all take the evidence into consideration and form your own opinions. However, I believe that Gianluca is unethical and dishonest; I caution you all against working with him — I wish someone had cautioned me and the numerous other people he deceived.

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  • Posted to BluePixel - the best iOS designer news client, in reply to Cole Townsend , Jan 18, 2015

    Ha, he tried to get me to design Adune and to rebrand it. I'm assuming he wouldn't have paid me. Glad I sensed something amiss and backed out.

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  • Posted to The Guild, in reply to Nathan Manousos , Mar 14, 2013

    haha, thanks for noticing :) I noticed and pushed the changes live right before you commented ;)

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