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  • Posted to How we solved our lack of App store reviews, Sep 13, 2017

    Looks great. I like the use of emoji.

    The concept reminds me a lot of what we did with Circa years ago:

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  • Posted to Craft Library Updates, in reply to Stephen Olmstead , May 25, 2017

    Nice update Stephen! Any plans to support library versioning? That way when you have to go back to an older file and make adjustments you're able to use the symbols, colors, etc. that were relevant for that time?

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  • Posted to Messaging as an Interface, in reply to n keyle , Jun 15, 2015

    Consider Star Trek. Voice is a significant primary input but direct input is still used. Voice feedback also significant but not the only way to receive information. Both will be critical in the future.

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  • Posted to Messaging as an Interface, in reply to Ryan Glover , Jun 15, 2015

    At first I thought I was crazy, but turns out a lot of folks I know have even more apps on their phone. How about you?

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  • Posted to Messaging as an Interface, in reply to Andrew Nater , Jun 15, 2015

    Whether or not Apple does this is definitely one question, but I think the privacy aspect of this is really easy to work through. The experience would be sandboxed and providers (apps) would only be able to connect with someone on an opt-in basis. Additionally any permissions that were granted to the provider would be opt-in. Functionally it would work the same way that iMessage already does – fully encrypted where only the client can read the message. Apple would simply be the transportation layer here.

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  • Posted to Messaging as an Interface, Jun 15, 2015

    Thanks for posting this, Mitchell. I published this last week after a long time of brooding on the idea. Happy to discuss anything further in here!

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