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  • Posted to It's back! The 2019 Design Tools Survey is now open, Oct 15, 2019

    Thank you for your work! Can't wait to see the results!

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  • Posted to Dealing with condescending colleagues?, Sep 12, 2019

    Hello, I actually have two distinct experiences with this issue. The difference is in the people and their toxicity, I believe. (I should specify that I will here share agency experiences)

    In my previous job, some of my superiors were condescending about my UX/UI job. Most of them didn't understand what it was (when I left, they posted an offer for an UX designer with description like "make UI, create print flyer"…) so I tried to educate them, to share my passion but they didn't want to hear me out. They made fun of me and were always saying I was doing color like if I was a child. When I tried to explain to one of my superior that I needed to be there while meeting clients, and tried to explain that I needed to encounter users, he refused. Because for him, it was like elevating myself as the same level as him. Because it would make me as important as him. Even though I tried to explain to him that we were a team with different expertises, that hierarchy was a nonsense, he would not listen to me. This agency made me sick - literally. So I quit my job.

    At my current job, I had the same problems in the beginning. Commercials were selling UX but defined it as UI to clients. I made 40 pages studies on senior profiles but nobody would listen to it. Nobody understand why. They look condescending in this regard. I felt like an imposter because once again, I wasn't doing any UX. So I made intern meetings, explained my job, what we could do. And they were listening. Right now I'm working hard to be able to do what I want to do : real UX. Meeting clients, users, making analysis, this kind of things. It's kind of hard because I have to educate everyone but everyone is open. It's ok if it takes time, it's worth it.

    I recently read an article and it summed up the issue like this : if your company is not doing UX, so quit it and go make some elsewhere. That's true. But I also think you can, if you're brave enough, make the change in your company and bring UX there. If people want to listen to you. :)

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  • Posted to Icon Survey: What do these icons mean to you? , Jun 03, 2019

    Hope it helps :)

    A - Idea B - User C - Events D - Night mode

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  • Posted to How to design with ethics, Feb 22, 2019

    But in the end, even if you're designing with ethics, it's not you who decide when you're in an agency. When it's another person that give the 'yes', it's more than frustrating to see that nobody listens to you, nobody cares about ethics. I'm living this thing right now and it just put myself off my job. I love it less and less because of that and thinking about career change because I'm fed up with this state of mind after 6 years of trying to change things for a 'better web'. I mean it's 2019 and I can't even do accessible designs because they want a lighter grey and "disable people are a minority so it's not worth it". Sure I had the chance to work in a tech company and I was the one who decided what to do, accessibility and ethics were important ; but this companies are rare in the middle all of the others. I really hope that everyone will be this open-minded one day, not just some "big companies".

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  • Posted to Tastemaking: 2019 Design Trends, Jan 15, 2019

    Finally an article about trends that's not about dribbble shots everywhere! I like the analysis from what you see and I agree - more than that, I hope we'll see more of this trends you're talking about, because that's really refreshing.

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  • Posted to What are your favorite fonts right now?, in reply to Isaiah Nathanael , Dec 26, 2018

    I love this one so much! Thanks for sharing!

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  • Posted to Did this huge mobile checkout UX analysis to find trends in what UX features they're using, Dec 18, 2018

    I learned a lot of things thanks to your article. Thank you!

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  • Posted to Is it time to throw away the hamburger?, in reply to Ken Em , Oct 01, 2018

    Oh yes I didn't see it! Funny!

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  • Posted to Firefox logo concept, Sep 12, 2018

    I really like it, it's nice, beautifully done. But I agree with a lot of people : we don't feel the fox that much. The typo though, I don't really like the "r", neither the first "F", very angular while the rest has more rounded shapes.

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  • Posted to What's your thought on design tasks for a job application?, Sep 03, 2018

    I think it's important to be tested - because for an employer, your book can be pretty, but he has no idea of how it was done (di you work with a team, what did you really do, how did you manage your schedule, etc). With a test, even without a lot of specs, you have an idea of the creativity, reflexion, and delay a candidate has.

    Otherwise, I think it's really important to trust the company. I mean, there is some companies for whom I won't do a test since I know they will use it without my consent (well I don't apply for this kind of companies but well).

    At my current company, we both signed a document that attested the confidentiality of the specs and the no-use of the work I produced. I think that's how things should be done every time.

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