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  • Posted to A year later... Are there any alternatives to Ember, in reply to Whitney Helpert , Feb 21, 2016

    That isn't a screen shot of someone uploading something from their desktop now is it ?!?!

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  • Posted to A year later... Are there any alternatives to Ember, in reply to Benjamin Berger , Jul 04, 2015

    Dragdis is as close as one can get to the old 'icebergs' experience (which was perfect in every single way, damn those guys) but dragdis hasn't yet added drag n drop from desktop - that's a big minus for me - and last time I asked them about it they said that feature won't be coming soon cause it's more difficult to make ?!?!

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  • Posted to UberColumns — text columns for Adobe Photoshop, Feb 14, 2015

    Comes in handy - brilliant that it got made - me is mucho happy!!!

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  • Posted to Fuck It, I'm Going Back to Firefox, in reply to Luke Vella , Feb 14, 2015

    Oh you're lucky!!

    I tried that but continue to get the 'chrome helper' parade - plus the loading indicator keeps spinning on some sites and it's just sluggish with a few open tabs. My mom (running yosemite on macbook air 2011) can hardly have a few tabs open without the fans going crazy - and that just didn't happen to her in older version of chrome.

    I love chrome, never use safari cause I need my extensions (no they aren't the problem) but lately I feel like the big guys (apple, adobe, google) just don't give a shit about user experience anymore. What once was simple and stunning is now heavy, confusing and cough ugly. I never thought I'd say that!!

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  • Posted to Fuck It, I'm Going Back to Firefox, in reply to Mark Michon , Feb 14, 2015

    What do you mean?? Chrome is horrible now - started for me when I joined the yosemite twilight zone. So calling it a bloated memory hog is like looking up and saying 'hey, the sky is blue'.

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  • Posted to Every 90s Commercial Ever (Uncensored), Feb 05, 2015

    Thank you for posting that!!! I was like 'wow the 90's were weird' and then 'hey cool, there's a making of video... hmmm it looks recent' ...

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  • Posted to Pirating fonts and software, in reply to Gareth Price , Oct 19, 2014

    Yes .. oh yes yes and yes And that is the stupidest reply I've ever gotten.

    It's so simple - if you don't like pirating stuff then don't you do it. If I don't give a f**k if I do it then I'm going to do it !

    See, simple.

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  • Posted to Official Tumblr Mac App, in reply to Katarina Rdultovskaia , Oct 19, 2014

    Yes it's 100% pointless. Plus most people I know use xkit .. can't use that with this app.

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  • Posted to Pirating fonts and software, Oct 06, 2014

    I'll be nice.

    I pirated Adobe master collections before Adobe created the creative cloud - I don't regret it, here in Iceland (and I'm guessing everywhere else) it cost a ha lot of money and no way in hell was I going to pay for it as a newborn designer.

    I've also pirated fonts and then later paid for my favourite ones. It really doesn't matter if you pirate stuff or not - or I just don't care that I've done it. Nothing is ever black and white in my opinion.

    I'd just advise you to follow your own feeling on this - if you can't pay now then perhaps pay later. I see on most sharing sites that people are encouraged to pay for software/fonts/whatever if they really like it and that's what I did - when I could afford it.

    But hey, what do I know, maybe I'll end up in design hell for this - with a grainy, low rez finger pointed at me till the end of eternity.

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