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  • Posted to The Most Important Ecommerce KPIs, Jan 18, 2023

    E-commerce Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are metrics used to measure the performance and success of an online business. These KPIs provide insights into various aspects of the business, such as customer acquisition, sales, and profitability.

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  • Posted to E-commerce Design Best Practices, Jan 13, 2023

    E-commerce design is the process of creating an online store that is visually appealing, easy to navigate, and converts visitors into customers. The goal of e-commerce design is to create an enjoyable and seamless user experience that leads to increased sales and customer loyalty.

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  • Posted to Extract Color Palette from a Website, Jul 02, 2022

    The website color extraction tool is used to grab colors from a website. Simply enter the URL of the website css file you want to grab colors from, then press the Check Colors button. This tool will then attempt to read that websites HTML and CSS files to find all of the HEX color codes.

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  • Posted to Movie Monkey: simple movie organizer, Mar 22, 2022

    Should you see it in theaters? Are you looking for recommendations about the best and worst in current film or tv releases? Our movie and tv reviews try to get past brief opinions and dig into why a given movie works and what it has to offer.

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  • Posted to Generate a CSS Color Gradient, Feb 22, 2022

    As a free css gradient generator tool, this website lets you create a colorful gradient background for your website, blog, or social media profile.

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