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  • Posted to Who is still designing desktop first?, Nov 30, 2016

    *Rules of thumb are good reminders to challenge your habits, but no substitute for thinking :) *

    My decision tree:

    1. What would I want people to use? Is there a platform that's objectively far superior for the task, with the best experience on each?
    2. Which platform do people actually use today?
    3. Did we cause this? Ie did we build it so that the experience on the other platform sucks?
    4. How are the limits (cultural, technical) that affect 1 and 2 likely to change for the group of users I'm targeting? Are there technical changes or adoption of patterns that will influence behaviours in the time horizon of my design?

    _So, applying this to Tableau (not my product) 4 years ago:+

    1. Better on desktop bc it reduces cognitive mapping and avoids work steps, except for dashboard consumption.
    2. Mostly Desktop for both
    3. Yes, it sucks. But probably not why
    4. Late adopters. Gradually becoming more comfortable w/ mobile apps for data consumption; expectations of information parity. Small screens.

    Conclusion: design desktop first, but invest preliminary energy into mobile consumption (monitor, experiment, test)

    Apply same to, say, CNN today, get different conclusion. Apply same to Tableau today and see how (4) has shifted and larger screens open up new possibilities for better experience.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Mailbox is shutting down, any mail app replacement recommendations?, in reply to Jacob Taylor , Feb 03, 2016

    I wish Inbox had a desktop client that was actually adapted to my 'desktop self' and not just a blown-up version of the mobile app...

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  • Posted to An article from The Verge regarding Uber's new loading animation, Feb 03, 2016

    ... or maybe they're just testing patience to see if they could squeeze a pre-roll ad in there. Wouldn't necessarily put it past Uber ;)

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  • Posted to An article from The Verge regarding Uber's new loading animation, Feb 03, 2016

    I wonder if it also serves the purpose of getting a more accurate GPS reading to prevent mistaken-origin bookings.

    I've not infrequently opened the app, hit 'book', only to realize after the booking that my GPS radius was huge and my blue dot was still moving around to where I actually was. Very annoying to then cancel booking and re-request.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: A book a month challenge - suggestions?, in reply to Ansh Deb , Jan 04, 2016

    Bruno Munari was a genius :) I also think you'd really enjoy reading about Charles and Ray Eames. In addition to making awesome furniture and art,they were also remarkable digital interaction designers (!) before that even really was a thing.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: A book a month challenge - suggestions?, Jan 04, 2016

    1 - Bruno Munari – Design as Art

    2 - Kenya Hara - Designing Design

    3 - Thomas Heatherwick - Making

    4 - John Maeda - The Laws of Simplicity

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  • Posted to College research Sketch Vs Photoshop, Dec 11, 2015

    It feels like you're using the survey to get ideas, not validate specific hypotheses. That's cool, but I suspect you'll get a lot of fairly generic answers like "it's better for UIs", "it's easier" in this survey.

    I'm sure if you post a follow-up one that's more specific, you'd probably get similar participation and far more concrete answers. Somehow most things Sketch rather gets people excited around here, even surveys :)

    Happy to help btw, I've done a lot of quant and qual research in the past. LMK.

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  • Posted to Why Designers Should Code (But Shouldn't Push Code to Production), Dec 11, 2015

    In my experience: 90% of the time "know your medium" is not about the web but the specific PROD system I've been working in. Often, engineers don't need to help me with the core code but with how to integrate it into our particular system.

    And unlike paper, we can (and have) changed that to make it easier.

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  • Posted to Dropbox shuts down another product: Carousel, Dec 08, 2015

    Good riddance. For me, it just got in the way doing the one thing I actually cared about: easily getting photos from phone to desktop, mostly for work (whiteboard, sketches etc).

    • No upload of 'recent first' meant you couldn't use it in real time if you weren't super careful to always open it
    • paternalistic approach to battery management meant you couldn't force it to upload if battery was low
    • paternalistic approach to telco meant you couldn't force it to upload if not on wifi.

    Not sure my use case was typical, but it was the only one I had :)

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  • Posted to Sketch is Leaving the Mac App Store, in reply to Pierre de Milly , Dec 02, 2015

    ...don't give them any ideas though ;)

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