Vibhas Jain

Vibhas Jain

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  • Posted to Show DN : One pager portfolio with collapsing cards, Nov 24, 2015

    Hi Guys

    I hacked together a showcase for my work. The navigation isn't exactly conventional and I would love feedback on whether it works! Looking forward to critical feedback from DN members on my work as well. Thanks, Cheers!

    (Not mobile friendly + Works best in Google Chrome )

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  • Posted to Pick - Share Music Easy, Mar 10, 2015

    demo here :

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  • Posted to Pick - Share Music Easy, Mar 07, 2015


    Do you love listening to music on Soundcloud? We've built an amazing experience for listening to your Likes and sharing them. It's iOS only for now.

    Please sign up if you'd like to be invited for the beta run!

    Soundcloud ❤ Thanks, Cheers Team Pick

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  • Posted to Tabs within Tabs, Feb 28, 2015 Chrome plugin which gives you tabs within tabs

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