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  • Posted to Open Source Sketch, Dec 08, 2017

    I remember I did read somewhere that Invision Studio will be free.

    If Studio is stable and usable product + supports .sketch files then maybe people prefer free over paid. However I think the pricing is affordable now to everyone and even for those who start + as far as I understand if you pay you get updates if you don't pay your latest version still works.

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  • Posted to The New Dropbox, in reply to Connor Tomas O'Brien , Oct 04, 2017

    For me dropbox as a service is just group of folders in my hard drive. :) I hope they won't change that.

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  • Posted to Dann Petty's review on the iMac Pro site., Jun 15, 2017

    I enjoyed the video also and would like to see more similar content.

    I did get same ideas as others have mentioned here. Grey text looks nice but what about accessible? What are apple guidelines you need to follow.

    I have found out from my own projects that in many times good design can be ruined by outside factors. Copy text goes x3 longer. Somebody finds out some old style guide what states that for #000 background you can use only #fff text. And so are the final designs born.

    So I am wondering do we have content where designers explain their process and decisions deeply?

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Does anyone use Wacom tablets for UI design?, Apr 10, 2016

    I am using. Graphire 4 I think and have been proud owner 10+ years almost every day use. I think it is my best ever investment. Don't do much illustrations only small vector path transforms. But it is great when working with masks or brushes in photoshop. I also think that it is better for designing as you have wider area to move. When I don't have tablet I go with mac trackpad any day over mouse.

    It is A5 I think so not so big and fits great to the table with external keyboard so typing is not a problem. Problems are modern websites where you need to scroll with touch drag or mouse wheel. With tablet you scroll either klick+drag cursor over the browser window or scroll bar. But some of the sites don't have scrollbar and klick is link or something like that. Yes tablet has scrolling wheel too but it is somehow melted or deformed with the years that it is stuck. Another problem is that Wacom doesn't support so old tablet.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Logo variations, Feb 14, 2016

    Maybe you could also think about playing with negative space? Don't really know how to explain it so I made very quick example... Image alt


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  • Posted to Are you currently on Dribbble?, May 01, 2015

    If anybody has an invite and thinks that I belong there I would like to give it a try. I start doing full time freelance and can share more projects. One of the latest freelance project: http://cl.ly/image/3d3M2M3j222C


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  • Posted to Ello, goodbye, Sep 26, 2014

    Nicely written but I don't see any point why I shouldn't try ello

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