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  • Posted to Semplice 4, Aug 23, 2017

    I like the Semplice product, it's accessible and easy to use and v3 helped me get my first personal site out there (www.ianblackford.co) (I'm not a web designer/developer, so other peoples mileage/experience may vary...)

    Majority of the promotional material seems to be heavily biased towards personal sites and possibly Semplice are geared towards this and targeting that particular market? Expect if people have a wide range and scope of clients and projects that it may perhaps not be as suitable solution? idk

    Will purchase v4 for an upcoming project for sure.

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  • Posted to What tool you use to build microinteraction animations?, May 08, 2017

    With the plethora of prototyping tools currently out there, especially on the Mac I'm not sure how much traction Kite Compositor kiteapp.co has had in light of both Principle and Flinto et al but it looks powerful and might be worth trying...? They're all have trial apps and are super affordable too, so whilst you might find a 'favourite' you don't necessarily have to restrict yourself to one app.

    Believe Kite Compositor has also been updated to more easily support transistions between pages, as prior to this it appeared to be much more focused on in page/object animations

    Having said all of that, I've personally found Flinto superb for communicating our concepts to the wider business/key stake holders, just no timeline but Principle can offer you that

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  • Posted to Welcome to WWDC17 - San Jose, CA, June 5-9, in reply to Oliver Swig , Feb 17, 2017

    Pretty sure I read somewhere that they did commission him for it I believe :thumbsup: just not sure where I saw that, sorry.

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  • Posted to Relay - Create Custom Maps for Your Next Trip, in reply to Tomas Barcys , May 06, 2016

    It's coming up in my App Store phone search (I searched "relay maps") it's listed at £1.49 Relay

    I read that Apple were experiencing search issues across their stores yesterday I believe, so that may be an issue...?

    Anyway, I hope that helps

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