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  • Posted to New iPad Pro, in reply to Jim Silverman , Mar 19, 2020

    In my opinion, purchase is justified by intended usage vs price at this point. I shifted to working on a Mac Mini since my MBP can no longer handle the tools i use for development, so it essentially sits around until I need it for a meeting or something.

    I use my older iPad Pro far more than my laptop to browse the web on top of illustrating in Procreate. I'm looking forward to trading in my iPad and MBP towards this. I'll get an updated iPad (no more fearing my Apple Pencil breaking while charging in the lightning port...) and an even more lightweight "laptop" to carry to meetings and such.

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  • Posted to Squish for Mac, in reply to Andrew C , Jun 08, 2015

    Middle out, man.

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  • Posted to They're not fonts! (2002), Jan 09, 2015

    Classic pretentious designer :')

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  • Posted to PS4 20th Anniversary Edition, Dec 03, 2014

    Oh my! Playstation was the first console I ever owned that was "mine" and not for the family to share. I remember opening it up on christmas and all the long nights that followed, playing Spyro, Crash Bandicoot, and Frogger! Bummed about the limited release, as I just don't see myself being able to snag one before the prices sky-rocket.

    If that's the case, I'd gladly take a wide-release of that fantastic retro-styled DualShock 4!

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  • Posted to Basecamp for iPhone 2.0 is here!, Dec 03, 2014

    Might finally re-download this app and put it to use now...

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  • Posted to Show DN: A Community of Designers Sharing Feedback, Nov 14, 2014

    Love it. Experiencing an issue seeing some comments that are near the edge of the browser. The comments should relocate to fit within the browser window. I'l definitely give this a whirl in future projects!

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  • Posted to Right-click this company's logo..., Nov 06, 2014

    Love this! Getting a logo should be exactly this easy.

    I agree with the others saying there should be an option to open in new window though. Solves the only problem everyone else seems to have with this.

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  • Posted to Right-click this company's logo..., in reply to Simon Goetz , Nov 06, 2014

    Oh no! A stolen idea? In webdesign?


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  • Posted to Work Habits at Apple, Oct 03, 2014

    Love reading stuff like this. Gives me motivation to really buckle down in my professional life and kind of give it all I've got. Great find!

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  • Posted to After 4 years in the making, Serif's Affinity Designer has launched!, Oct 03, 2014

    Got to play with it a little bit today. Excellent first impression. Can't wait to see what else Affinity has up their sleeves!

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