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  • Posted to Flat UI Colors 2 - 280 handpicked colors by 13 designers, Jan 23, 2018

    Sorry to break the news, they are just colours.

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  • Posted to Typeface review by Hoefler&Co., in reply to Bryn Taylor , Feb 28, 2017

    Ah missed all the extra comments on them, really great feedback and interesting to see the thinking behind creating a typeface

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  • Posted to Typeface review by Hoefler&Co., Feb 28, 2017

    Great idea, however it would be helpful if their handwriting was a bit readable...

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  • Posted to WTF Adobe? (Photoshop Welcome Screen), Dec 09, 2015

    It's like the people who make it don't actually use it themselves sometimes.

    I made a super fast mockup of a solution that would be 100x better for me, only the essentials, none of the noise... One can dream..


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  • Posted to Is this Apple Pencil eraser?, Sep 13, 2015

    My money is on it being a bluetooth button, click it to enable or disable bluetooth (to save battery) like on their wireless keyboards

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  • Posted to Do you charge your clients Hourly? How is that possible?, in reply to pjotr . , Jan 26, 2015

    I know this is a simplified timeframe, but I'd love to know what sort of project this would be applied to? Is there an example website that you think would have this sort of timeframe for design and build?

    I've done a lot of websites and none of them would come remotely close to that number of hours, so I'm just curious if I'm charging too low, or if this only applies to much larger projects...

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  • Posted to Site Design: heforshe.org, Sep 22, 2014

    The scrolljacking is strong in this one...

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