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Matthew Crider

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Favorite bash_profile aliases?, Jan 23, 2016

    alias g="git"

    alias ls="ls -Glaph" (I forget what all the options are but makes it more human-readable and one of the options lets syntax highlighting come through)

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  • Posted to Assembly—having reached 4 million users—is shutting down, Nov 13, 2015

    Was hoping to see something happen out of the Buckets CMS but should've feared the worst considering there's been no progress for 6 months.

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  • Posted to Survey DN: CMS for clients, in reply to Ed Adams , Nov 06, 2015

    Probably most CMS' will have built-in API functionality or a way to add it on; In that way you can use whatever CMS you want as a content store (what people call 'headless') and then use whatever framework you want for the frontend. As much as I like the idea of Contenful/Prismic, I don't really like their pricing and they don't seem big enough to satisfy me that they won't go out of business one day, bringing down my site. So I use a headless CMS and whatever frontend technology I want (usually a react.js app).

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  • Posted to ASK DN: What are your favorite well-designed board games?, in reply to Erik Beeson , Jun 27, 2015

    If you like coop games, check out Forbidden Desert. Lots of fun for 2-5 players!

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  • Posted to Microsoft acquires 6Wunderkinder, in reply to Dominic Sebastian , Jun 01, 2015

    Already exists: -- Though having this as a single app could be interesting.

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  • Posted to Software/Web developer portfolio examples?, Sep 30, 2014

    My portfolio site is at []( I'm strictly a developer, but I've done some UX work (just some wireframing really). I think even the most die-hard developer should take a bit of time to get a decently designed portfolio site up, and a lack of care to design is like a designer saying they don't care about code (an antiquated notion). But more importantly, though my Github is pretty decent, developers need portfolio sites like this to display and describe the work they've done that isn't open source (which for most devs, is a majority of their work).

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