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Alex Martineau

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  • Posted to Toggl rebranding, Apr 05, 2018

    Really digging this! Has crazy swagger to it and the renders are incredibly well done. Strong branding going on here. Good job ToyFight!

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  • Posted to The Inside Story of Reddit's Redesign, Apr 03, 2018

    I use Reddit daily, and I commend and have mad respect for the design team and their effort. I actually love the re-design and think they improved on an incredible amount of things.

    Sadly, the overwhelming majority of the platform's user base will freak out if you change just the settings icon from blue to light blue. They are simply too adverse to change for this to be successful. They find it as an attack on their way of life. For a community that wants to be 'inclusive' and 'progressive', they cannot let their dear layout be tweaked or new features be added because it'll ruin their habit.

    They are impossible to please and will act irrationally at this.

    As a design community, we should support these efforts since the more these projects are successful, the more large companies and communities will want our services.

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  • Posted to Framer’s website gets a brand new look for spring, Mar 20, 2018

    Lovely stuff! Love how you continuously tweak your story and make it clearer and clearer what your product is and does.

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  • Posted to Ueno Interview, Jan 26, 2018

    This is so over-the-top and amazing. Can't imagine how fun it would be to create this. Great work as always!

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  • Posted to Good design & UX Slack channels to join, Dec 05, 2017

    I was in Designer Hangout for a bit. There's a lot of channels and it's quite overwhelming. Eventually I needed to remove some noise form my Slack and removed them. It's an active community, though.

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  • Posted to Upperquad Site, Sep 18, 2017

    This site is visual candy! I always dig where shops flex their muscle on their own portfolio site. It's usually the best opportunity to do so

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  • Posted to Semplice 4, in reply to Marek L , Aug 23, 2017

    The alternative is not adding more features that require a more robust platform, which would kill the growth of the product. IT's a difficult decision, but the correct one.

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  • Posted to New personal site ⚡️ — Bobby Giangeruso, Freelance Designer, Aug 16, 2017

    Love it! Has a strong vibe to it

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  • Posted to Google News launched a new redesign (with fact checking), in reply to Todd Padwick , Jun 28, 2017

    Yeah I use Apple News a lot. Really enjoy the experience. I also agree with the utility feel of this Google redesign. Doesn't feel very engaging

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  • Posted to My new website about hip hop, Jun 21, 2017

    The site is gorgeous and I love your music taste. Just followed the weekly playlist.

    Nice work all around!

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