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  • Posted to Are you guys old enough to remember Google Wave?, Jul 25, 2016

    Google Wave wasn't that long ago. Was it? I was expecting something like remember the Palm Pilot or remember FutureSplash.

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  • Posted to New Weta Workshop Site live, Jul 18, 2016

    Not sure why the dimmed out images at the bottom with the logos that aren't dimmed are screwing with me eyes. Not totally sure why that design decision was made. Seems like it was made for the benefit of the rollover state but you don't see unless you rollover. Might be a case of over design.

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  • Posted to The Officially-Official Designer News Tee (Make Your DN Fandom Known), Sep 25, 2015

    Would love to get one but $30 for a t-shirt is quite steep. :(

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