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Martin Ramsin

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  • Posted to Ask DN: How to begin a career in design?, Oct 18, 2015

    Hi Matthew,

    If you can pay for education: we have great mentors (also in Australia) and a job-ready focused course at CareerFoundry. Any questions just ask right here.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: What's the best Front-End Dev course?, Mar 04, 2015

    I wrote a piece on how I learned web development and ended up as a founder of a startup. Would love your feedback

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  • Posted to UX hackathon, Feb 04, 2015

    what is a ux hackathon? find out tonight (in Berlin)

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  • Posted to Black Friday Deals, in reply to Jitendra Vyas , Nov 28, 2014

    Thats right. 70% off the first month.

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  • Posted to Black Friday Deals, Nov 27, 2014

    70% off UX design and Web development courses

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  • Posted to Where does a wanna-be UX designer begin?, Sep 19, 2014

    Hi Luke,

    I agree with all the other comments here. There is lots of good resources online about UX design that is a great starting point on your journey.

    At we connect people like you with freelance ux designers as mentors. Its a comprehensive training program built for people with no experience that want to become UX designers. I would be very interested in your thoughts on what we do.

    We believe that skills comes from practice and the best way to practice is to design your own web app with the guidance of a mentor.

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