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  • Posted to How To Organize Files In A Design Agency, Apr 01, 2019

    Interesting article, thank you for sharing. I would just point-out that a "world-class design agency" should be using a version control system within their design process.

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  • Posted to How do you manage copy text in a huge application?, Nov 19, 2018

    There's also this new app called Kopie - It allows designers to export their mockups to an online platform where your team's copywriters can review, makes changes to the copy, and then sync them back to your Sketch document.

    The app is still in beta, but from what I've seen so far, it looks promising!

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  • Posted to What is your favorite prototyping tool?, in reply to yh lim , Nov 05, 2018

    Same here! ✌️

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  • Posted to Are Figma and XD finally getting Sketch out of the picture in UI design?, Oct 30, 2018

    I personally don't think Sketch is going away anytime soon. Figma and XD are both great tools, but they just don't have the same community as Sketch - which still remains its biggest competitive edge over the other two. The 3rd-party plugins built by designer and developers around the world, but make the tool leaps and bounds better the other two for UI design. In term of prototyping, I personally feel that none of them really can compete with Framer, so I left it out of the equation.

    I've been thinking of switch to Figma, but not just yet... for the time being I will stick with Sketch!

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  • Posted to Who's on Twitter?, Apr 30, 2015


    London based designer ranting about UX, Code and everything in between!

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  • Posted to Downloading music…, Apr 23, 2015

    As a millennial, I always thought that much of the discussion on the topic of illegal music downloads originated from an outdate perspective of how the music industry should generate its profits. Because, in the last few years, while CDs and LPs sales decreased, attendance to concerts, music festivals, and music events in general increased exponential. The idea of musicians (read Record Labels) surviving exclusively from the profits of their record sale is, in my point of view, completely outdated. Music streaming platforms democratised music listening. By providing access to a huge catalog of music in a legal, affordable and above all convenient way. It still might required some improvement to be more lucrative to the artist. Although I feel it’s a much better compromise for every party, than simply ignoring the monument shift in our music consumption habits.

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  • Posted to Microsoft Vision of Future Productivity, Feb 27, 2015

    How to sum up in video in two words? After-effects Extravaganza!

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  • Posted to Which Business Cards Service do you use?, Jan 29, 2015

    I reckon the best service nowadays is Really high-quality prints for small batches at reasonable prices. I had some made for my startup and I was really happy how they turn out.

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  • Posted to We are killing phone numbers., Dec 23, 2014

    Maybe killing phone numbers altogether is a bad pitch. I think it would be easier to sell the idea of what this could become, instead of what this app would make obsolete. This idea could be very well coupled with easy international calls, where the hassle of taking 1-5 sec more to call someone but not having to worry about credit is more than worth it.

    Plus this app kind reminds me of Burner, since you can give away your number to work colleagues without having to give away your real de facto number.

    So, yea. I like the gist of it! You got my attention.

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  • Posted to Opinions on Jekyll?, Dec 12, 2014

    This past summer I was in the process of redesigning my personal website, and I looked over various lightweight CMSs and eventually decided to give Jekyll a try and I haven’t looked back since. For small to medium websites, with no need for a dynamic database, I strongly recommend it.

    It might take a while until you get the gist of it, but once you do it’s quite nice. Plus it as a really active community so you a place to go to if you ever get stuck.

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