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Oliver Waters

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  • Posted to Orbit - A platform to build valuable professional communities, Aug 05, 2020

    Hey everyone!

    I'd like to introduce you to Orbit, a platform we have been building to help bring professional communities closer together.

    I'd love to hear your feedback, questions and suggestions both on the marketing site and the web platform.

    A quick overview

    Interest groups, events, places and brands bring people together and form the foundation of community. However, turning that into a vibrant and valuable community isn't easy.

    Community managers and organisers quickly find their workflow, efforts and data fragmented across multiple products. This trickles down to a community's members, resulting in a disjointed and fragmented experience.

    Enter Orbit.

    Orbit provides organisers and community managers with the tools to easily build, manage and engage professional communities in their own dedicated digital space.

    On top of our community platform sits our network. The Orbit Network is made up of every person and every community on Orbit, connected by their relationships with each other. We'll be opening up the network soon which will allow people, communities and events to become discoverable.

    Relationships are the backbone of community and we want to leverage this to help our members discover the right people and the right communities to help them succeed.

    Demo DN community

    It's early days for Orbit and we'd love to have you join us. So you can dive right in, we've setup a demo community for Designer News members to check out. If you sign up through the link on this site, you should automatically join it. If not, you can jump in directly here: https://in.orbitapp.io/community/rozk2lxc/


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  • Posted to Zenscreen for iPhone/iPad — Create beautiful wallpapers using photos and images from the best galleries, Mar 10, 2017

    I had the pleasure of beta testing this app. My wallpaper has remained the same for many years purely because of the hassle it was to find a new image, fire up Photoshop, tweak it and then test it. In most cases, by the time the wallpaper reached my device I abandoned it as it didn't work as well as I hoped.

    ZenScreen solves that problem. Everything can be done on device and the live preview makes it so easy to perfect image placement and cropping. Well worth checking out.

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  • Posted to A year later... Are there any alternatives to Ember, in reply to Jesse C. , Jul 04, 2015

    Thanks for the Stache mention Jesse. Just wanted to make a few corrections. It does save screenshots, as well as a web archive of the site at the time of bookmarking. The live preview is a 'quick-look' of the site at present. Full details can be found at http://getstache.com.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: What kind of bike do you ride?, Dec 18, 2014

    Trek 5th District

    Trek 5th District in Burnt Orange is my ride.

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  • Posted to Stache — a smarter way to bookmark webpages for Mac and iOS., in reply to Jitendra Vyas , Dec 11, 2014

    No. Your bookmarks are only accessible by the Stache app.

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  • Posted to What are you using for your bookmarks these days?, in reply to Jonathan Matthey , Dec 10, 2014

    Hey Jonathan - iCloud has caused us some problems with sync, all which can be resolved by following our troubleshooting steps and running the latest version of iOS. Unfortunately people take to reviews rather than contacting us to help them. Also there were some bugs in the early days causing processing issues which have now been resolved.

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  • Posted to What are you using for your bookmarks these days?, in reply to Ryan Mack , Dec 10, 2014

    Hey Ryan — there were a few bug in the early days but they're squashed now. Optimisation-wise, we've improved a lot of things but processing 1200 bookmarks (generating screenshots and web archives) is an intensive process. More on this here: https://stache.zendesk.com/hc/en-gb/articles/200766312-Stache-for-Mac-Storage-and-Processing

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  • Posted to What are you using for your bookmarks these days?, Dec 09, 2014

    Hey Brandon! You might like our app, Stache for Mac & iOS — http://getstache.com

    Stache makes it quick and easy to collect and re-discover pages you find useful, interesting or inspiring, in a beautiful, visual and fully searchable library.

    Stache for Mac stores full page-screenshots and web archives so you'll always have the page design and content to reference. Both the Mac and iOS are capable of full-page content search making it easy to find pages in the future, even with a vague search term.

    Happy to answer any questions!

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  • Posted to Stache 1.2 — smarter bookmarking for Mac and iOS, in reply to Mikel van den Oord , Nov 04, 2014

    Hi Mikel, take a look at https://stache.zendesk.com/hc/en-gb/articles/200597052-Troubleshooting-iCloud. Should help fix ;)

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  • Posted to Stache 1.2 — smarter bookmarking for Mac and iOS, in reply to Chris Naylor , Nov 04, 2014

    Hi Chris. No timeframe yet, but hopefully not too far off.

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