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Zuri Negrín

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  • Posted to The first grid.io sites have surfaced and they're kinda terrible, Mar 08, 2016

    After all the hype this is really terrible. I never thought it could be this bad, as it really was very well promoted...

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  • Posted to Tokyo 2020 Olympics logo scrapped after allegations of plagiarism, in reply to Jesus Gallent , Sep 01, 2015

    Actually I posted that link one hour ago...

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  • Posted to 365/daily project suggestions, in reply to V---- Caneco , Dec 11, 2014

    Completely, I am literally going a bit mad, and some days is really hard to find the inspiration or the energy for it, but well, I try to keep my eyes and my mind really open to have inspiration from every single thing!

    A book, a post, something I see walking. Sometimes even a shop display gave me the key! :)

    And well, sometimes the sentences are really so inspiring so I see the light.

    Although it's being an amazing experience, I also need to finish and stop saying ten times every day "I have to design the poster". :) But is really an experience that every creative should try at least once!

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  • Posted to 365/daily project suggestions, in reply to Jordan Tanner , Dec 11, 2014

    He actually writes the text first, and then I go with the design. Sometimes I already have a visual idea and try to fit the sentence to it, specially when the sentence is really "poetic" and "abstract". I do the design day by day, but he has some sentences in advance, so I can choose them.

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  • Posted to Behance: A Year in Review, Dec 11, 2014

    My favourite "year in review" so far. Really inspiring!

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  • Posted to 365/daily project suggestions, Dec 11, 2014

    This year I'm designing a poster every day together with a poet who writes a short original sentence for it, also every day ;) http://www.apostereveryday.com

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  • Posted to DeviantArt rebrands!, in reply to Dan Leveille , Dec 05, 2014

    Yes, I was expecting the same :) It's good to know that it is coming!

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  • Posted to Examples of Year-in-Review sites, Dec 04, 2014

    Another cool example: http://www.ustream.tv/2013

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  • Posted to Show DN: A poster every day, in reply to Saransh Sinha , Dec 03, 2014

    Thanks Saransh, actually we don't have that option, we mainly share them daily on Facebook and I usually do it also on my personal Instagram.

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  • Posted to Show DN: A poster every day, Dec 03, 2014

    Glups, I duplicated my reply, sorry...

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