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  • Posted to Should I still be designing at 960px for desktop?, in reply to Thomas Michael Semmler , Feb 26, 2018

    (developer perspective)

    I completely agree with this.There's such a variety of screen sizes these days it seems counter-intuitive to target anything.

    I usually build my pages at 1400-1500px, build everything with fluid units and constantly resize as I go. If anything looks out of place I just use media queries tailored to that issue.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: What side project are you working on this weekend?, Oct 08, 2017

    I recently got into photogrammetry, which is reconstructing objects or scenes in 3d using a series of photographs. I'm trying to do my backyard:


    actual photo (for reference):

    I'm using a tool called Agisoft Photoscan to do the work. I've definitely run into a few issues with shooting on a sunny day (trying to maintain the same exposure and lens flairs :/ )

    Not super happy with the results yet. Gonna keep working on it.

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  • Posted to Movie Monkey: simple movie organizer, Jun 14, 2017

    Little more information would be nice on the landing page. Do I get to watch these movies? Is it for movies on my computer or does it link to streaming services like netflix and amazon? Do I have to manually add movies? Do I add the cover art myself? Just a couple lines of intent would help.

    I'm a big movie collector and love finding different ways to catalog my collection but I wanna know what the app does beyond just building a list (like Letterboxd, iCheckMovies or IMDB). The landing page doesn't say anything at all really.

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  • Posted to FFFFOUND! is closing in May, in reply to Raffaello Sanzio , Apr 12, 2017

    For me it's the screensaver. It's just a continuous scroll of their content. Always interesting stuff to look at before I start working.

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  • Posted to Thunderbolt Display Replacement?, in reply to Raul Rincon , Aug 19, 2016

    I want to throw my hat into the ring on this one. Like all them, I also use a 21:9 3440x1440 monitor Acer XR341CK. Trust me, when you go 21:9 there's no going back. You can have 3 1100-1200px wide windows open side by side and not being 4k (lower physical height) it doesn't feel like it's completely taken over your space.

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  • Posted to The :target CSS Trick, Jul 06, 2016

    Neat! I was also impressed with your other article:

    ":empty"... who knew...

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  • Posted to Google released Motion Stills: Create beautiful GIFs from Live Photos (iOS), in reply to Henrique Nogueira , Jun 08, 2016

    I know, right?! I was thinking sweet! Now I can have this feature on my android... guess not

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