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  • Posted to Summer Side Projects Guide, in reply to Néorélien L , Jul 26, 2019

    I should definitely mention somewhere that free members DO get 1/5th of the job alerts for free, incase that isn't clear - so it is a true freemium account.

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  • Posted to Summer Side Projects Guide, in reply to Jon . , Jul 04, 2019

    Hey man sorry to hear that - it is a new article but I plan to add more to it so I’d really appreciate hearing what you thought was missing!

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  • Posted to The Dribbble Experiment, in reply to Nelson Taruc , Feb 26, 2019

    Thanks! Not my exact intention (just always been curious about these tools as a designer myself) but I'll take it :D

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  • Posted to What are good sites for web design freelancers to find gigs?, Aug 30, 2018

    I usually answer questions like this with: ALL the job sites. In my experience, you'll need a pretty large selection of sites to find enough freelance opportunities. Just pick a few sites and you won't have any opportunities to reach out to daily. It's unlikely that without daily sales activity you'll be able to find enough work.

    Full disclosure, I run Folyo which does this sort of curation for you.

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  • Posted to What are some tips for a company looking to hire a freelance designer?, Jul 18, 2018

    I'd say:

    • Be open to hiring remote
    • Don't be afraid to share your budget
    • Ask for a personal touch in the application process that shows why a designer wants to work with your company and not just any company
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  • Posted to How do you design a user-centered cancelation process that also improves retention? , Jun 20, 2018

    Even the best cancelation process in the world won't have a huge effect on retention because the decision to cancel is only very rarely made inside the app in the first place.

    So focusing on gains you can get from screens inside the app miss the point.

    If I've decided to cancel the app after reviewing my finances, for example, there’s literally nothing you can say or do on a cancellation page to keep me around.

    So maybe that’s not the best place to try?

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  • Posted to A guide to RFPs I made for designers, in reply to Rhys Merritt , Jun 04, 2018

    IDK I guess created the second one because I couldn't remember the password... which was logged in on my iPad.

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  • Posted to What are some practices when hiring and managing illustrators (full time and contract)?, Jun 04, 2018
    • How/where do you source strong illustrators?

    Most people will probably say Dribbble or Behance. The problem with something like this is that looking at portfolios and contacting illustrators on platforms like this can get really time intensive. The worst part is there's no guarantee that they're available or within your budget even if you do find someone you like. As an alternate, I created a site that you can use to send out an illustration project to about 3k top-notch designers. Because it happens via email and you state clearly upfront the style and budget you have, you'll only hear back from people a) currently available for hire b) within your budget c) interested in the project. Happy to send you a link to it if interested!

    • How do you evaluate a good vs. bad illustrator (outside of their aesthetic)?

    Outside of the actual illustration work, it comes down to communication skills. This also depends on what you like. Some people like it when an illustrator is very communicative, others when they are sparse. Do you like formality? Relaxed and jokey? Deciding on what you're looking for from a communication perspective would help in deciding on an illustrator and enjoying working together. A Skype is a good way to see how well you mesh.

    • How do you successfully scope a project? I.e. do you jump right in or do you work on visual identity guidelines first?

    I've found letting the illustrator guide this to be the easiest way to figure it out. Most have a different process, so asking them upfront what they need to do their best work is totally fair and often appreciated.

    • What should you expect to pay for a strong illustrator (FT and contract)? More specifically do you pay hourly/per project/iteration etc?

    Hourly is common, however, it's probably my least preferred way of working. It mis-aligns incentives. As a client you want the work to get done as fast as possible. But by paying hourly, the illustrator is incentivized to get it done as slow as possible. Instead a per illustration fee is probably a better value for everyone. Price depends on value as well. I've paid $500-$1000 per illustration. But my business is small so the value I get for illustration is capped compared to a larger company.

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  • Posted to A guide to RFPs I made for designers, in reply to Matt C , Jun 02, 2018

    This feels like a snarky one liner instead of a real comment.

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  • Posted to Illustrator/Designer wanted for project, Jun 01, 2018

    I can send this out to a group of illustrators/designers I know to see if they're available, if you want - you can email me at

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