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  • Posted to Proposal: Easy ways to fix DN, Jan 08, 2020

    Great post!

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  • Posted to Vectornator finally goes on Mac, Dec 02, 2019

    Nothing in that video made me even want to try it over Illustrator.

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  • Posted to How much RAM do we need for design?, Nov 18, 2019

    I try future proof my macs by buying as much as I can afford at that time. Current imac has 64gb and doesnt skip a beat. I would say 32 is fine. Also focus on a powerful graphics card, that will make a huge difference.

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  • Posted to Where to Get Ideas and Inspiration, Nov 13, 2019

    Looking at Dribbble and Behance for certain items can be dangerous, I find its easy to get sucked into mimicking another design.

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  • Posted to Introducing our new brand – Memory, Oct 22, 2019

    I want to try be positive and helpful, I'm not overly keen on the M mark at all. I do feel like the abstract/random blob style has been over done so much recently.

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  • Posted to How to choose a font for a project, Oct 22, 2019

    Sky fonts is the best for this. You can "rent" the font and use it live in a project. It works for a small number of big font sites.

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  • Posted to New Pitch Website, Oct 07, 2019

    Really like the brand and the site layout. UI is great but in terms of selling the product I'm struggling to see a USP. There are so many similar tools out there.

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