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  • Posted to Art vs. Design: Are Illustrations Art or Design? , in reply to Sten Roossien , Jul 09, 2020

    I don't think that's a good definition. Art is commissioned all the time. Illustration, in my opinion, is a meeting point of design and art. Design is visual communication with purpose.. a designer might use an illustration (or hire an illustrator) to achieve their design, but the illustration used is still 'art'. Art isn't just created for the sake of it... art has emotional/communicative/intellectual purpose.

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  • Posted to Complete Guide To CSS Scroll Snap For Awesome UX, Jun 26, 2020

    If this is really an article on 'awesome UX' it should start with 'don't use scroll snap'. Short article, sure, but much better information.

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  • Posted to What certifications should a Designer get?, in reply to Adrian Furtuna , May 01, 2020

    Design being licensed like medicine is an awful idea. Art affects people, too, maybe artists should be licensed?

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  • Posted to Bootstrap 5 dropping IE 10 & 11 browser support, Mar 30, 2020

    I mean yeah. They're legacy browsers. If you want to support them, use a legacy version of Bootstrap.

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  • Posted to Font for people with dyslexia , Mar 21, 2020

    Comic Sans — while it gets a lot of hate — is actually highly readable for those with dyslexia and is already widely available.

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  • Posted to What is the tool to create an interactive style guide?, in reply to Caleb Wilson , Mar 09, 2020

    Storybook +1.

    If you're looking for a tool that's not code first then you're not building a design system. You don't want devs 'inspecting' things to get the right size.. you want components that are ready to go with 0 handoff.

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  • Posted to Suggestion: Invite-Only DN again, Feb 28, 2020

    The discussion here is already so dead that just seems like a great way to kill it even more.

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  • Posted to How do you make text changes in UI design?, Feb 24, 2020

    Text changes in UI design are really changes to code, so they happen in Git. If you're a dev that might happen in your code editor, if you're a manager it might happen in GitHub, if you're an editor it might happen through the git-backed CMS. This comes with all the benefits you get when using Git for code: you can work on new copy text independent of other changes (branching), you can roll back your changes (version control), you can see who made what edits..etc.

    Changes to code are discussed in slack, zoom, in person, on GitHub..etc. but ultimately there is a single source of truth and everything else (Figma mocks, google docs) derives from that.

    Before a design reaches code the copy text is more of a suggestion. It's best to at least have something rough to start with vs. lorem ipsum, but spending too much time on this too early is often wasted as the type & quantity of text you need may change when your project becomes 'real'. From there you improve your content iteratively like you would improve other code.

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  • Posted to New Logo and Identity for Fisher-Price by Pentagram, Jan 09, 2020

    Great example of refining something that's already good vs. trying to reinvent it. Very nice!

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