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  • Posted to Boxy 2 is here!, in reply to Denis Rojcyk , Sep 06, 2017

    You should check out Mailmate: https://freron.com It's a very simple but powerful e-mail client. I really like the bare-bone design and simplicity of it.

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  • Posted to Offscreen, Mar 14, 2017

    This looks fantastic, definitely on my order list. I've been an avid reader of Works That Work by Peter Bil'ak but Offscreen seems to be more design-orientated which might be interesting as well.

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  • Posted to Taking another look at Adobe Xd , Jan 30, 2017

    I've been using it on on some projects where colleagues have made the transition from e.g. photoshop or illustrator to XD. As a long-time Sketch user I find many things really nice in XD, especially the speed and minimal UI chrome.

    Being in beta it looks really promising but a few things come to mind:

    • Ability to flip layers horizontally / vertically
    • The ability to animate layers in the prototyping view (to make sliding menus etc. without having to have multiple artboards. (I know Sketch doesn't do this without plugins)
    • I don't know if it's just me but the transitions from screen to another when viewing a prototype in app are really really laggy.
    • Edit: the ability to click inside of multiple group and select elements simultaneously from within. Sketch supports this, XD doesn't.

    All together I've really enjoyed XD.

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  • Posted to Bound Notebooks, in reply to Marcus Kelman , May 02, 2016

    Yes, I'm very convinced in the sense that it solves the problem of buying inserts when you can just print your own. Great job once again!

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  • Posted to Bound Notebooks, May 02, 2016

    This reminds me a lot of Midori Traveller's Notebook which is not a bad thing :) good luck with your Kickstarter, looks very good! (might end up backing but I have too many notebooks sitting around and I've been trying to cut back on the habit)

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  • Posted to theHam : Free Landing Page Template , Mar 21, 2016

    I'm sorry if this is a stupid question but it's already [current year] and are people still designing websites in photoshop psd's? or are they used just as a reference when implementing?

    I never experienced the phase of designing in PS and slicing up the design for implementing, just started straight with code and prototyping in browser.

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  • Posted to Site Design: Léo Chéron, Aug 03, 2015

    Scroll events are super laggy and unusable in Safari (retina macbook) and also spinning the beach ball. If I'd stumble upon this whilst browsing would instantly close it. Nice visuals though…

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