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  • Posted to Diagonal Containers in CSS, in reply to Parker Hutchinson , Apr 16, 2019

    Hey Parker! In the video I go through the skewY option and why it's no ideal in my case (I want to apply a bg image, that would be distorted by the skew transformation. Also, there would be an issue with the bg color of the section beneath the hero). If no bg image is needed, then sure, skewY is a good option.

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  • Posted to CodyHouse's Components, in reply to Dustin Dahlberg , Dec 11, 2018

    Hi Dustin,

    "Scrollable" was referrng to the behavior of the component on smaller devices (the content does not wrap). However, we decided to change the name to simply "Tabbed Navigation", because it wasn't very clear what "scrollable" was referring to.

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  • Posted to Blocs 3 - New Visual Web Design Tool, Nov 22, 2018

    Love the product, and that promo video is superb!

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  • Posted to Nucleo Icon Guidelines, in reply to Andrew Washuta , May 30, 2018

    Thanks for the kind words!

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  • Posted to Nucleo Icon Guidelines, in reply to Pablo Stanley , May 30, 2018

    Glad you appreciate the article :)

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  • Posted to Meet Nucleo 2 - Icon Organizer & Icon Library, Jul 11, 2017

    Hi everyone! We're thrilled to introduce Nucleo v2! We've delivered a new design, a cross platform app, the possibility to import your own icons, a custom font generator, team management tools and much more!

    In case you want to read more about the work behind Nucleo 2:

    Any feedback is welcome!

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  • Posted to Animated SVG Hero Slider, in reply to Julian Lengfelder , Aug 17, 2015

    Hey Julian! The animation is not subtle, that for sure. However the chore of the tutorial is how to animate SVG paths starting from few shapes created in Illustrator. The technique can be used in many different cases (not a slider necessarily).

    Also, if integrated with ajax, the animation could replace a loading bar/gif while, for example, you're replacing the current content with new one. The snippets we share on CodyHouse are mostly starting points, or practice examples to learn new techniques ;)

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  • Posted to Rounded Animated Navigation in CSS & jQuery, in reply to Alec Molloy , Oct 09, 2014

    Hi Alec! I see your point. This resource was a bit more 'experimental' and less handy compared to the other nuggets on CodyHouse. The 'inception' effect is exactly what we liked about the Ping iOS app (that inspired the resource). But we could provide an additional version where the circle shrinks. Thanks for the feedback.

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