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  • Posted to Show DN: Koncepted - The platform that delivers premium design products, Apr 26, 2016

    Hi guys! We've just launched our new platform! It's an invite only group of super talented designers. Our main focus is to build top quality products while giving client stunning experience. We do this through our platform, where clients can track, view and comment on their projects. They have complete overview of what's going on.

    Take a look and give us some feedback!

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  • Posted to Dribbble Exchange (Jun 2015), Jun 29, 2015


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  • Posted to Logo voting app, Jan 07, 2015

    Some time ago I created http://bright.tips which is very simple tool that does exactly what you're thinking of.

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  • Posted to Show DN: Minimalistic way of receiving straight-forward feedback about your designs., Sep 03, 2014

    Thanks for the feedback Antoine.

    It is about A/B testing your designs, more than receiving straight-forward feedback actually. You basically compare two of your designs and then get quick feedback about which one is better and why. We built this project as we saw that designers most of the time design few different variants of the same design and try to receive quick feedback about which one is best.

    We just built the site, so we didn't put much thought into presenting it to public, but later in the future there will be definitely more open approach. Meaning you will be able to see what it actually does before you register. Until then, you have to create an account before you use the site and it takes only 20seconds to do it.

    Usually if the product doesn't say anything about pricing, it is free. Does Facebook or Google say anything about pricing when you use it? :)

    We also have couple of features planned for next months, so if you'd like to see our progress, just sign up and we will let you know.

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