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Paul Jackson

Manchester Senior UX Designer at the BBC Joined about 9 years ago via an invitation from Tom W.

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  • Posted to Fellow designers, would you find this tool useful or utterly pointless?, Mar 06, 2018

    There are many ways to establish desirability for a product, but asking potential users is not the best approach. What people say and what people do (whether they actually do use it/pay for it) are very different things.

    One idea: setup a landing page for the product and gather emails from those that are interested in finding out more. You'll get a sense of the number of people interested and a mailing list for marketing / research purposes.

    If nobody bites then it wasn't such a great idea and you haven't wasted the time building a product nobody wants.

    This is just one simple idea straight from the lean methodology. There are plenty more ways to establish desirability.

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  • Posted to Anybody using Mobile App Framework (HTML, CSS, JS) for building mobile apps in 2017, Sep 20, 2017

    I use Framework 7 and have done for the past 3 years. I've built web apps and mobile prototypes and I can do this fast.

    I recently took part in a hack with an Android developer who said he could prototype with the Android SDK in no time at all. I easily outpaced him with Framework 7.

    There are definitely downsides to wrapping a web app to get it into the app store, but for web apps in the browser and on the home screen* and for prototypes I'd highly recommend a mobile framework.

    • "Web applications saved to the home screen now support all features of modern WebKit, such as Fast-Tap, scroll snapping and the new visual viewports behavior." - iOS 11 Docs
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  • Posted to New from Craft—Styles, a free tool to generate beautiful style guides with a click , Mar 11, 2016

    With a tightly regimented file this works really well. It'll bubble up any sloppiness in the way you set out your styles, useful for catching inconsistencies.

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  • Posted to Rdio is shutting down, Pandora acquiring parts, in reply to Miguel Solorio , Nov 17, 2015

    I'd be amazed if the engineers at Spotify, Tidal, Deezer and Apple Music weren't working on import tools right now to try and ease the transition onto their service from Rdio. They'd be daft not to. This is a huge opportunity to grab a whole bunch of users that would never have switched otherwise.

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  • Posted to AMA: Jessica Hische, Lettering Artist & Type Designer, Sep 08, 2015

    Hey Jess,

    Long time fan of your work. Excited to finally get my hands on "In Progress" this time next week!

    Will the board game you worked on as a grad project ever see the light of day online?

    And will there be any more Alphabirds prints? Hovered over the buy button for way too long before they sold out :C

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  • Posted to ASK DN: Where to find Korean, Japanese and Chinese fonts?, Aug 06, 2015

    As others have said I wouldn't necessarily stray from the system defaults, there are severe performance implications unless you're going to host your webfonts on a Chinese CDN. Waiting 45 seconds for a webfont to load from a western server (if at all) isn't going to be a nice experience.

    The most comprehensive resource I've found for using Chinese system fonts:

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  • Posted to Show DN: New Portfolio, Jun 23, 2015

    7360 x 4912 8.4mb


    You haven't bothered to resize or optimise the image and that just leaves a sour taste in my mouth before I've even started browsing the site.

    I'm guessing performance wasn't a consideration for you at all but that is inexcusable in 2015, especially given the recent spotlight on performance.

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  • Posted to Animsition - add page transition via CSS 3 animations, in reply to Jeff Escalante , Sep 08, 2014

    Agreed. And the name isn't great.

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