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  • Posted to Ask DN: Help me get out of my home city, Jan 07, 2015

    Germany is a good choice (at least in my opinion)!

    Job market is pretty good atm and salaries are too. Cities like Hamburg, Berlin, Munich, Cologne, Frankfurt and Düsseldorf are nice but their are countless nice cities in Germany.

    Due to climate change their is no real winter in Germany anymore. Currently 3°C and in summer the thermometer can climb up to 35°C depending on where you live.

    There are also some big companies in Germany or at least they have offices here. Google, SoundCloud, Spotify are only some examples. In addition there are also several emerging startups here.

    I hope this comment helps you.

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  • Posted to What are some useful web survey applications?, Sep 09, 2014

    Maybe Typeform?

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  • Posted to You can now buy things directly on Twitter, Sep 08, 2014

    Already posted?

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  • Posted to Ask DN: About and Contact pages on personal sites. Why Both?, Aug 07, 2014

    I my opinion it's an UX decision. As both words stand for different things (at least in my point of view) Imagine you are someone with no knowledge about web development but you want to hire someone to develop a site for you. After looking through the portfolio you may ant to contact the person. What's the best thing you can do? Click the 'Contact' button. I don't think you are interested in things like hobbies or sth. else that my are on the contact page of this person.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Illustrator & InDesign Alternatives, Aug 03, 2014

    Maybe you'll find something here

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  • Posted to Are there any great Sketch 3 tutorials?, Aug 02, 2014

    I found this one pretty good as a newbie.

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  • Posted to What do you do to blow off steam?, in reply to Daryl Ginn , Aug 02, 2014

    Aleo vera and Ficus benjamina.

    Both of them are very easy to handle and you can use the gel of the Aloe vera for certain things.

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  • Posted to Coolest loading .gif you've seen?, Aug 02, 2014


    Never seen it used as a loading animation. Pretty great though and it would fit.

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  • Posted to What do you do to blow off steam?, Aug 01, 2014
    • going to the gym
    • gardening (have some plants on my desk too)
    • doing nothing (really nothing)
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