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  • Posted to Liveshare is dead, freehand is shit. I need alternatives., Jul 16, 2018

    I'm having the same issue as Joakim here. Used to present prototypes with customers in LiveShare and I'm finding that Freehand is way underwhelming in its capabilities to replace LiveShare. Even @Stephen Olmstead's comments don't represent features that exist in Freehand. It's obviously impractical to maintain separate accounts on different services just so we can present to customers.

    Very disappointed by Invision RN.

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  • Posted to Figma’s New Icon, Mar 30, 2017

    Hey Chris, thanks for sharing Figma's new icon. I think it's a nice improvement. It's much easier to read (also when squinting) than the previous icon and brings focus while keeping true to what you guys do.

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  • Posted to Sketch 4.1 New Alignment Sucks, Nov 16, 2016

    Having to check your layers before aligning is not great UX. Also, it makes aligning objects across artboards (something I do quite often) dependant on the position of the artboard in the layers stack. Weird. If there needs to be a change (I was fine with Sketch 40's way of doing things), my preference would be to include something like how Illustrator or Inkscape does things: having a key object and highlight it. The position in the layers stack should have no impact on alignment.

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  • Posted to Du Haihang Portfolio, Oct 20, 2016

    Sorry, but I can't get your site to show anything. On a MacBook, using a mouse.

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  • Posted to Scholarly papers or articles on heavy use of icons?, Apr 05, 2016

    Rule of thumb here: if you're going to come up with your own icons, make sure to do a quick round of user testing with your target audience. I can't count the number of times an icon we thought to be perfect was misinterpreted. Also, don't be afraid of labels.

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  • Posted to Your favorite jean brand? , Oct 16, 2015

    Cheap Monday, from Sweden

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  • Posted to Is anyone else offended by 'indianred' in CSS4 Color?, Jan 22, 2015

    Has "offended-booking" become a trend? So many people on FB are posting articles about skewed / wrong LGBTQA+ integration, racism, feminism, gamergate (etc...) yet contribute nothing to the conversation. Just like this comment.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Do you use a VPN?, Jan 20, 2015

    I use one because I live and work from Shanghai, China. The Internet is greatly restricted here. Anything pertaining to self-expression is blocked. The two I use are: StrongVPN 12vpn

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  • Posted to 5" Android screens are like 4,7" iPhone screens, Nov 05, 2014

    It seems like a quick judgement call to say this when looking at a single app. Did we consider that the text on Android is larger and more legible? The hit targets for the buttons are larger on Android. Those might be easier to tap for lots of people. If we you really wanted information density, might as well design @1x and pack in as much text as possible!

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