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  • Posted to Essence — A fork of Visual Studio Code, in reply to Lucian Marin , May 10, 2017

    Yes, I forked it before color themes with the idea of improving on their default choices. Color themes make it way easier to improve the overall visual feel, but there still are a lot of areas that can and hopefully will be improved, either by me, them, or someone else. :)

    P.S.: Terrific work with Sublevel!

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Best flat fonts?, Mar 13, 2013

    Blokk perfectly embodies the culture you're trying to convey.

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  • Posted to The Startup Legitimizer, Mar 07, 2013

    How Idiotic!

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  • Posted to Ask DN: What is the best iOS>OS X app for previewing iOS design?, in reply to Ketan Anjaria , Mar 02, 2013

    That's the joy: updates as you design with Photoshop, and as you save with Paint… whatever. Pure awesomeness.

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  • Posted to Retina Macbook Pro or Macbook Air?, in reply to Tim Blaney Davidson , Feb 28, 2013

    I always design at 1x. Sketch is simply awesome on this side (and many others, actually); I don't know how Photoshop Retina handles the job, but Sketch doesn't downscale your canvas if you don't want to: you normally design at 1x with full Retina resolution and subsequently export at both 1x and 2x with a single click.

    It's that simple. Not to mention the fact that if you don't have an external monitor and need more space, the 15" Retina lets you work at 16801050 and 19201200 (actually doubled being Retina); not fully Retina, of course, but still great and better than a normal screen.

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  • Posted to Retina Macbook Pro or Macbook Air?, Feb 28, 2013

    The Retina is outstanding. The very single problem you'll have after working on it for a while is looking at normal screens; or rather: every time you'll go back to the Retina, your eyes will feel relieved. I've worked with it for six months and the screen really makes a difference: I obviously design, but I also do video and audio editing, and it's almost* perfect even there.

    For your needs and the ones of most of us I believe the Retina is just the best choice on the market: Photoshop & Illustrator have been updated, and if you hate the status quo Sketch has been running great since the 2.0. Writing code or words is just a pleasure for the eye: I also code and write poetry/normal stuff, and boy, words look better than on paper; if you use iA Writer or any other app customised for writing you'll fall in love with how wonderful they look. Same experience with Sublime/TextMate/whatever.

    When I bought it Photoshop wasn't yet updated and a lot of other apps and websites weren't either, I thought it would have been a nightmare for my eyes, and yet everything turned out fine some weeks later: lots of apps got updated, and a constantly increasing number of websites started support these little beasts. After a while I stopped noticing, and in any case the modern web is CSS and words: the majority of the sites you'll go to everyday will likely look just fine.

    • It's important to highlight that while you have mobility — the machine is extremely light for what it hides under the hood — the battery is the very single setback: it will surely improve with the next models, but for the moment it's not great. I don't have an average time but as far as I recall from the first tests it doesn't last more than 4/5 hours with Sketch/Xcode+Chrome (~40 tabs)+iTunes+iA Writer+Skala running at the same time. I've come to understand that if you need to take it around you need to optimise various factors: turn off the keyboard backlight, lower the brightness as much as you can (don't hurt your eyes, though), turn off/on the wifi when you don't need it, and open/close apps as you need.

    Hope it helps.

    tl;dr Go for the Retina.

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  • Posted to Jony Ive on on Blue Peter, Feb 19, 2013


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