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  • Posted to Fall of the Designer Part III: Conformist Responsive Design, Apr 22, 2015

    The article covers a lot of angles. But one point in particular feels strange to me. The author suggests that with better screens and graphic capabilities we can, and perhaps should, add more details to design. If anything this seems in conflict with doing great design work, as it's purely to take advantage of technology and not the needs of the end user.

    There's definitely a need for more differentiation between digital products, but layering back on the effects isn't the way forward either.

    If anything I would say the skeuomorphic trend on iOS pre-iOS7 was indulging in the technical capabilities too much. That era will be looked upon as what the 1980s is to music. Some great stuff, sure. But a lot of indulging in new capabilities.

    Flat design is a trend, but minimalism is a timeless practice. Minimalism by definition meaning 'taking away everything except what is necessary'. Flat design just goes too far when it takes away some of what is necessary, in terms of affordance and brand recognition.

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  • Posted to New Pttrns beta is up, Mar 26, 2015

    All the screenshots at 19% battery are stressing me out!

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